My Personal Experience At Chanits Camp 2016


by George Megerditchian
This year was my first Chanits camp, and the experience was different and more amazing than I could have ever hoped for. Youth from many different backgrounds, majors and careers, from the nurse to the banker to the farmer, all gathered to worship the Lord from August 24th to August 28th at Camp Kchag.

In total, 65 youth came to Kchag to hear God’s word. Fifteen youth came all the way from Kessab, which was extremely inspirational for me. Seeing youth travel from Syria in these terrible times to share their testimonies and stories was just incredible. The theme was ‘SERVANTS OF RIGHTOUSNESS', and was based on Romans 6:18. The passage says “And being made free from sin, ye became servants of righteousness”. What a meaningful verse to base the camp around, as 65 servants of righteousness gathered together to worship God and have fellowship.

Every morning, we started our day with devotional time and worship, both of which were very inspirational to me. Each devotion was a clear message from God that we should trust in him completely and cast all of our burdens onto him, all the while giving thanks for everything that we have. 

After that, we would hear the main sermon of the day. Each day during this time, we discussed different aspects of life and its relation to us as Christians.

We discussed what a Christian's role is when it comes to topics such as human rights, the environment, politics and forgiveness. As Christians, what is our role in each of these fields and how should we contribute in each of them? Should we join a political party? Can we help less privileged people? Should we protect the environment? We discussed these questions and many more in our Bible study groups. 

Besides the sermons, we also listened to many lectures and had little workshops based on the main sermon of the day. They offered us all fantastic opportunities to learn not only about spiritual issues and growth but also about social issues and what we could do about them. 

This year at Kchag, there were two particularly special things we did outside of our normal routine. The first was hosting the Trad social work team. They came and spoke about their challenges in their work field, their mission, and the projects they do to help children to learn more about Jesus. It was wonderful to see an organization that is so focused on helping our youth grow into warriors for Christ.

The second special event we held, and my personal favorite, was planting five trees in Kchag with the help (and supervision) of our Kessabtsi friends. For me, it was so amazing to be able to plant trees while being around all of God’s beautiful creation in nature. I was helping in the cleaning of all the old dead grass, and I looked around me and saw the hard work that each and every person was doing in order to plant these trees; all at once, I just felt the wonder and might of nature and was so proud to see everyone so passionate about planting these trees and growing something fresh from the ground. There was something touching and symbolic about the fact that we were planting these trees to help them grow and to nurture them and care for them. It reminded me of our walk with Christ and how, just like the trees we were planting, to grow we need to be properly cared for and nurtured. 

At the end of each day, we would separate into groups for prayer time. Each of us used to share his or her doubts, concerns and challenges in our Christian life and comfort and encourage one another. We would spend time praying for each other and giving thanks to the Lord for the blessings that He has given us.

I thank God for the wonderful experience that I had throughout this camp. The memories I made, the fellowship I had and the communion I shared with my brothers and sisters in Christ was unforgettable.

This was my first Chanits camp, but I certainly hope it won’t be my last.

Worship time

Worship time

Farmers of Kchag!

Farmers of Kchag!

Worship band

Worship band

(L to R row1): Houry Hadjenlian, Garine Cholakian, Kayane Messerlian (L to R row2): Badveli Sevag Trashian, Badveli Datev Basmajian, Rev. Hrayr Cholakian, Rev. RAffi Messerlian (L to R row3): Shant Agishian, Assadour Mncherian, Badveli Hagop Akbasharian

(L to R row1): Houry Hadjenlian, Garine Cholakian, Kayane Messerlian
(L to R row2): Badveli Sevag Trashian, Badveli Datev Basmajian, Rev. Hrayr Cholakian, Rev. RAffi Messerlian
(L to R row3): Shant Agishian, Assadour Mncherian, Badveli Hagop Akbasharian

Nareg, the guy on the far left is taking this group photo

Nareg, the guy on the far left is taking this group photo

Reflections of the Leaders Who Served at the Children's Camp in Kchag

Anita with one of the kids at camp.

Anita with one of the kids at camp.

With all my heart I praise you and give thanks to you my dear Lord.

My name is Anita Andonian, from the Armenian Evangelical Church of Nor Marash. I love working with children and I have been serving in the Sunday School ministry for almost 27 years now. I love the children’s spontaneity and transparency. I love Children's Camp and every year I feel like I want to be part of this ministry too.

From August 8 till August 14, we had a quality time with the presence of our Lord. The leaders shared the Gospel of Jesus Christ with 79 children aged between 7 to 12. I appreciate the dedication of the 15 girls and boys who gave from their time for 7 days to serve the children at Kchag.

I would like to share two experiences from this year:

  • First one: during one of the discussion groups, a 9-year-old boy touched by the Word of God suddenly exclaimed: ‘I want to believe, I want to read the Bible every day. I want to pray every day. If Jesus loved and called Paul who was travelling from Jerusalem to Damascus for bad mission, I’m sure He loves me more…’
  • The second wonderful experience was the Dedication service during the night. What a blessing it was! Almost every child stood up and came in front and said that they want to give their lives to Jesus.

‘I want to walk with God’ was the theme of our camp, and the children were very much impressed by the guest speaker… Glory be to the Lord.

This is very encouraging for all of us who work with the children and in Sunday schools. We should work in our churches in various ways, knowing that the children need the Word of God.

Thank you for praying for this camp and for the financial support that we received.

Anita Andonian

Sero sharing his love with the kids.

Sero sharing his love with the kids.

Honestly, Children’s camp is my fuel that will keep me going for the whole 365 days. The camp is a place where the leaders and children exchange knowledge through activities. The leaders’ main role during camp is to show God’s love towards mankind and children, through activities such as devotion time, group discussions, individual one on one discussions, worship including learning new songs alongside the worship songs already familiar to them from Sunday schools.

This year the main theme was about walking with Jesus and we did so through exemplary characters from the Bible such as Abraham (listening to God’s word with faith), Paul (being ready to repent and change), Noah (trusting in God), Daniel (always praying) and Joseph (having a learning heart), each walking with God in a different way.

It is seeing the pure heart of the kids and unconditional faith in Jesus Christ that revives one's faith.

That is what we take home with us from camp; it is not only the memories of games and activities but also experiencing children's pure hearts and faith in the process of bringing Glory to God.

Jesus said, “Let the little children come to me and do not hinder them, for to such belongs the kingdom of heaven.” (Matthew 19:14)

Every year it is through the children that we take another glimpse at the Kingdom of heaven; and together children and leaders delight in the walk with our beloved and true friend Jesus Christ.

A week full of blessings! That’s how I can describe the time spent at the children's camp.

Sero Kelougian

Kayane Messerlian sharing the main message of the camp

Kayane Messerlian sharing the main message of the camp

Njteh Mekhsian, Talar Haidostian, Nayiri Messerlian

Njteh Mekhsian, Talar Haidostian, Nayiri Messerlian

(L to R) row 1: Anita Andonian, Kayane Messerlian (L to R) row 2: Vart Megerditchian, Talar Haidostian, Garin Atamian, Arax-Nayiri Harfoushian, Talin Boymoushakian (L to R) row 3: Maria Kejderian, Assadour Mncherian, Nayiri Messerlian, Hagop Harfoushian (L to R) row 4: Njteh Mekhsian, Helena Kerkezian, Harout DanaOghlian, Sero Kelougian

(L to R) row 1: Anita Andonian, Kayane Messerlian
(L to R) row 2: Vart Megerditchian, Talar Haidostian, Garin Atamian, Arax-Nayiri Harfoushian, Talin Boymoushakian
(L to R) row 3: Maria Kejderian, Assadour Mncherian, Nayiri Messerlian, Hagop Harfoushian
(L to R) row 4: Njteh Mekhsian, Helena Kerkezian, Harout DanaOghlian, Sero Kelougian


Badanyats Camp 2016 – Reflections

(This post is originally published at Angie Kirejian's blog:


by Angie Kirejian
Before talking about the camp I would like to step behind and tell you how I ended up as an “oknagan leader”. Believe it or not at first I rejected Datev’s request to serve as a leader. I couldn’t accept because I had already registered 2 courses for my summer semester. To be honest I wanted to both finish the courses and serve as a camp leader. From the very first day of the semester my courses were cancelled because the number of students attending the classes were less than 8. I was really frustrated because for my last semester I will have to take 6 courses (out of which 4 are really tough courses). For a complete week I got mad, my stress controlled me, and I just prayed for God to help me as I go through this period. Eventually I realized that instead of stressing over the cancelled courses I could use my free time to serve in a DVBS. I asked around if they needed anybody but unfortunately I was bit late all the DVBS-s had enough leaders. As I was thinking of ways to fill my empty schedule, I remembered Datev’s request of serving as a leader for the Badanyats Camp and so I grabbed my phone immediately and asked him if I could still serve. Gladly, he accepted and introduced me to the group of leaders who had already met several times to prepare for the camp.

Honestly it was really weird for me to see myself as a Badanyats Camp leader. I was a badany 4 years ago but now I had to be an actual leader! I was really worried and nervous since I had never worked with teens. I had worked with Sunday School Children but teenagers?! I started thinking things like: “Am I really ready to lead teenagers?”, “What would teenagers think of me as a new leader?”, “Would I really make a difference?”, “Would I be able to share my faith with them?”, “Would I be able to help them as they snap out from the self-centeredness/escapism/stress?”… At the same time I prayed and asked God to use me, to show me what I can do and use it for a purpose greater than myself.

From the very first day of the camp I knew deep inside that there was a reason for me to attend the camp. 78 teenagers entered KCHAG each with a purpose in mind. Their eyes were filled with curiosity and their warm smiles comforted me. After the worship the leaders were introduced via a snap-video, then I had to lead the Ice-breaking Games alongside Lori. Contrary to what I thought the badanies really enjoyed the games, got introduced to each other, and we all had a good laugh! I tried to socialize and to get to know badanies from different youth groups. I can still remember my first awkward meeting with a group of girls. I just sat beside them and asked for their names, their hobbies, whether or not they had siblings, the countries they had traveled to, and so on…

Early in the morning the leaders met and we discussed about the daily schedule. Everyday badanies had the opportunity to worship and praise God, to learn about Him, to play fun games, to learn about something new (through the workshops), and to socialize. Together we discussed about snapping out from escapism, stress, self-centeredness, and finally to ask God to snap out. The badanies were reminded the following:

  • God created us in His own image. Each and every individual is unique with all his/her flaws and imperfections. It is normal for us as human beings to escape from who we are. Nobody wants the other to see his/her flaws and that’s exactly what social media profiles are promoting (to hide your true self and to create a profile others want to see). Jesus was transparent. He didn’t hide His identity although everybody mocked Him. Instead He removed some people’s masks and revealed their true selves.
  • We need to snap out from our anger and stress. Stress causes disharmony, intensifies our fears, and controls us such that we act contrary to who we really are. God’s strength is revealed through our weaknesses.
  • Narcissism or self-centeredness VS self-worth. It is important to take care of ourselves, our bodies, our minds, etc.… We need to make sure to snap out from the thought that we are the center of the universe. Love yourself but remember to share your love with others as well since after all our God is Love.
  • It is normal for us to fight with God. We usually tend to think that we know what’s best for us and when God does the opposite we get frustrated. Just like any other relationship, to keep it solid we need to communicate with Him even if that means to actually fight with Him. Finally, God is moved by faith and not by need.

The discussions nourished our faith and to put our faith into action we had the chance to serve the Trad DVBS children. The badanies were really excited and they worked hard to prepare fun activities for the children. The event was a success! The children enjoyed a lot and their warm smiles were a proof. In addition to the discussions we had prayer periods where badanies had to use their 5 senses to get closer to God.

Furthermore, the badanies had the chance to play various games such as Army 101, Muddy Games, Murder Mystery, Jeopardy, and Pokémon Go. The games required physical strength, general knowledge, analytical skills, teamwork, and sportsmanship. Throughout the days I had the chance to chat with some badanies and to get to know them more. I shared with some of them about my relationship with God and how my faith gave me strength every step of the way. I loved (continue to love them) them more and more as the days went by. I felt blessed as I saw talented, curious, friendly, and fun badanies all gathered in KCHAG.

The highlight of the camp was the Nvirman Period. As we, the leaders, stood in a circle I remembered the day I took the decision to be a member of God’s family. I couldn’t stop crying as Badanies approached us and hugged us as we sang worship songs. My eyes were filled with tears of happiness as I knew God was celebrating with us. With His wide arms He embraced each and every badany as we prayed for them.

Oh Lord, I pray that you hold their hands and guide them as they go on their journey to know you more. Dear God, please let them feel your love and let them sense your presence in every step of the way. Help them to snap out from whatever is holding them to come closer to you. May your strength appear in their weaknesses and may you bless them and their families. I pray that their decisions would be put into action and they would be filled with your love and hope. In the name of the leaders I pray that you give us the wisdom we need to guide your children and bring them close to you oh Lord. I pray this in Jesus Christ’s Holy name, Amen.

Finally, I thank God for giving me the opportunity to attend the camp, meet the lovely badanies, make friends, and to get even closer with Him.


Armenian Evangelical Christian Endevour Youth Camp 2015 in Kchag

This year, the Chanits youth of the Armenian Evangelical Churches had the privelege of hearing God's word through Rev. Megerdich Melkonian. He shared about 4G connection of the Christian with God.
The youth also had sharing time, worship, played outdoor/indoor games, learned about apologetics.

(Back left-to-right) Mrs. Jimmy Kozman Ohanian, Badveli Datev Basmajian, Mrs. Houry Melkonian, Rev. Hrayr Cholakian
(Front left-to-right) Badveli Hagop Akbasharian, Ms. Shake Geocherian, Rev. Megerdich Melkonian, Badveli Sevag Trashian, Mrs. Yester Kilaghbian

Youth Summer Camp in KCHAG - Lebanon (August 30 – September 2, 2012)

Summer camps are considered the highlight of our youth ministry.

Pastor Datev Basmajian, the youth worker of the Armenian Evangelical Churches CE Union, was the leader of the youth camp. The speaker was Rev. Raffi Misirlian, the pastor of the Armenian Evangelical Church in Ainjar, talked around the theme “Come and See”. It was based on different events taken from the life and ministry of our Lord Jesus Christ on this earth, and how he invited his disciples to come and see his lifestyle, miracles, authority, cross, and resurrection, and Jesus’s invitation for commitment and ministry.

The first session was about the “Call to a Relationship”, John 1:35-39, Jesus invites the disciples to come and see his household, not only that, but also invites them to stay with him, know more about Jesus and his life/ministry.

The second session was about the “Call to Have Faith”, in Luke 8:40-56, Jesus proclaims that her faith has healed the woman who was subject to bleeding for twelve years. And the second part of the story continues by Jesus asking Jairus to have faith that his daughter will live.

The third session was about the “Call to the Cross”, in John 17:1-19, Jesus prays for himself and his disciples. He prays and asks for glory for himself, which is the cross in this case. And later on he prays and asks that may God keeps his own (disciples) in this world, and protects them from the evil.

And the fourth session was called “Call to Ministry”, in John 21:1-19, where Jesus appears to his disciples and has the last breakfast with them, and after that he calls Peter to continue his ministry after him.

It was challenging for the youth (43 young people) to come to Christ, to witness his authority and ministry, to recognize the importance and heaviness of the cross, and to commit to outreach and ministry.

The leaders were 5, Mrs. Yester Kilaghabian, Mrs. Kayane Misirlian, Pastor Sebouh Terzian, Pastor Hrayr Cholakian, and Mr. Jiro Ghazarian. They have committed their time, effort, service, focus, and availability to make this camp an event that would glorify our Lord Jesus Christ.

Our daily schedule was full. The youth woke up refreshed in KCHAG, had a good breakfast, quiet time with God, worship, session, break into study groups, coffee break, debate, lunch, leaders meeting, rest, outdoor activities and games, shower time, dinner, evening activities and games, sing song, and ended our day with prayer time.

The commitment night was the highlight of our camp; the youth re-committed their lives to God, and took serious steps towards the calls made during the camp through the sessions, and study groups. Also, they had to turn away from sins, and as a symbolic act they wrote it on a piece of paper and throw it in the consuming fire.

I thank the leaders, the speaker, the AMAA, local supporters, KCHAG staff, and last but not least God, that made this camp possible. I believe that from the first moment of our planning meeting until now, we were blessed by his presence, guidance, grace, and power.

For His Glory, Amen.

Youth Summer Camp in KCHAG (August 25-28, 2011)

Youth ministry is a vital part of the mission of the Armenian Evangelical Churches in Lebanon. Summer camps are considered the highlight of youth ministry.

In 2011 we were blessed to have a full time youth worker, Pastor Datev Basmajian who also was the leader of the youth camp of this year. The speaker was Rev. Dr. Paul Haidostian, who talked around the theme of this year called “Signs”. The first session was about the “Signs of Integrity” using signs as elements that can lead to integrity. The second session was about the “Signs of Times”, the end times, the here and now times, and focused on our calling as Christians to be the people of genesis, new beginnings. The third session was about the “Worldly Signs vs. Godly Signs”, that there are different signs around us, and he challenged the youth to be signs of God to others. And the fourth session was called “Christ, Our Sign” based on 1 Corinthians 1:22-24. It was challenging for the youth (60 young people) to be aware, learn to discern, and be active signs of God for those around them.

The counselors were 9, Mrs. Maral Haidostian, Miss Shushan Artinian, Miss Silva Chilingirian, Miss Liza Barsoumian, Pastor Sebouh Terzian, Mr. Krikor Aynilian, Mr. Serop Ohanian, Mr. Hagop Akbasharian, and Mr. Jiro Ghazarian. They have committed their time, effort, service, focus, and availability to make this camp an event that would glorify our Lord Jesus Christ.

Our daily schedule was full. The youth woke up refreshed in KCHAG, had a good breakfast, quiet time with God, worship, session, break into study groups, coffee break, workshops (wooden cross, banners, news), lunch, leaders meeting, debate, outdoor activities and games, shower time, dinner, evening activities and games, sing song, and ended our day with prayer time.

The commitment worship and session time, the youth marched to the top of the hill and re-installed the Cross of KCHAG (our sign), which was made by the workshop group, under which we had our group picture later on. And as a sign of their commitment each young person made his/her cross using nails and wires.

As a follow up, each study group leader committed themselves to pray for their groups. Also, a Facebook group was formed to keep in touch with the campers, encourage them daily, share prayer topics, verses from the scripture, pictures and videos taken during the camp, and post new events and gatherings and news about youth ministry.

I thank the leaders, the speaker, the AMAA, local supporters, KCHAG staff, and last but not least God, that made this camp happen. I believe that from the first of our planning meeting until now, we were blessed by his presence, guidance, grace, and power. For His Glory, Amen.

Children's Camp 2011

At the pool
Once again, I had the privilege to be a leader at the Children’s Camp in Anjar. My first experience last year was so amazing that I decided to volunteer again. Therefore, I would like to thank the committee for selecting me and giving me the chance to serve as a leader at the Children’s Camp.

We were overall 61 children and 14 leaders. The number of leaders may sound big, but I still ask myself how we could have run this Camp smoothly without each and everyone’s help. The leaders’ group included: Hagop Akbasharian, our main leader, Liza Hekimian, our badkamaper, Jiro Ghazarian, Jano Baghboudarian, Zaven Bardakjian, Sero Kelougian, Gassia Danaoghlian, Aline Tahazian, Garin Haidostian, Anita Andonian, Arine Baghdoyan, Lory Aintablian, Palig Kilaghbian and myself, Vahe Jebejian.

Everyday the children woke up at 8 o’clock, did some physical exercises, and then had their breakfast. Afterwards, they had their devotion, menig bah, with their room leader. Worship was led by the leaders. The band (Lory Aintablian – piano and Jiro Ghazarian – guitar) added warmth and enthusiasm to the time of worship and singing. Right after this session, Liza Hekimian presented the message of the day in a very creative manner, using puppets and drama to explain her message. The children had teamwork, where they discussed the daily message and did some crafts according to the message of the day. Lunch was followed with a break of approximately one and a half hours that was followed by games, shower, and dinner.

Menig bah
The theme of this year’s Camp was Prayer, a topic which I consider and find very appropriate to teach young children as they come to know, understand, read and grow their interest in the Bible and Jesus Christ. Liza Hekimian presented many aspects of prayer and about how we should pray for the well-being of others and not just for ourselves. One subject that I liked the most and I think generated a lot of discussion among the children was about forgiveness. The children asked questions such as: “But baron how many times should I forgive?” “Should I forgive without even someone saying sorry or asking for forgiveness?”

Sunday at church
Every night we had a different program: a general knowledge quiz, where the children were just as out of control as they were having fun, an Armenian night, where the children sang on top of their voices! And so it goes on… The last day I think was the best night for the children. They enjoyed the company of the marching band of Anjar! The smile on the kids’ faces was just priceless! Children who had been quiet for different reasons during the Camp were now clapping and moving to the beat. They were so happy!

This Camp was not only a great time for the children but also a very inspiring time for us leaders. I think all of us during this Camp grew in the Lord much more. Thanks to Hagop Akbasharian, who organized creative prayer times every morning before the children woke up, we enjoyed the Lord’s presence among us. I even remember one leader say, “During different moments of the Camp, the little child in me woke up. It was as if my spirit was enjoying and rejoicing in the Lord as a little child!” Praise the Lord!

Finally, I want to express my deep gratitude to the people who made this year’s Camp an amazing experience for both the children and us!

Vahé Jébéjian

The Summer Camps are HERE!

  • Kids' Camp, 8-15 August in Anjar, Lebanon (Speaker: Ms. L. Hekimian, Leader: Mr. H. Akbasharian, Topic: Yes, No, Wait) Price: 75$
  • Junior Youth Camp, 15-21 August in Anjar, Lebanon (Speaker: Badveli H. Cholakian, Topic: The Right Click) Price: 75$
  • Youth Camp, 25-28 August in Kchag, Lebanon (Speaker: Rev. Dr. P. Haidostian, Topic: Signs) Price 60$
  • Ladies' Camp, 29 Aug till 1 Sept in Reyfoun, Lebanon (Speaker: Ms. V. Balekjian) Price: 115,000LBP

Chanitz Summer Camp at Kchag

During worship time

The band

Rev. Ounsi Anees (Egypt), who brought the messages

Bible Study with Rev. Vicken Cholakian (Greece)

The camp leaders (L to R, front): Jiro Ghazarian, Yester Kilaghbian, Liza Barsoumian, Silva Chilingirian, Hagop Akbasharian
(L to R, back): Badveli Hovhannes Hovsepyan, Badveli Hrayr Cholakian, Rev. Ounsi Anees, Badveli Datev Basmajian, Rev. Vicken Cholakian

Children's Camp 2010

Click on the image below to read the Armenian report by Ms. Lori Aintablian.

Below you can find the English report by Mr. Jano Baghboudarian.

This year’s Children's Camp took place in Ainjar from July 19 to July 25 2010.
77 kids participated in the camp aged between 8 to 12.
The camp had 9 leaders : Liza Tunberian Hekimian, Aline Khederian, Lory Aintablian, Arine Baghdoyan, Vahe Jebejian, Hagop Karkazian, Hagop Harfoushian, Jano Baghboudarian and Silva Chilingirian as the general leader. There were also two helpers Sela Hekimian and Zaven Bardakjian.

The general topic of the camp was “ Yegek vazenk Tebi….” Presented by Hagop Akbasharian. The program had variety and each day had its own taste. Each day began with sports sessions. After the sports, the kids had their breakfast and after that they had their quiet times with their room leads. After the quiet time, kids sang worship songs and learned Psalm 15. After learning the verses of the Psalm, Hagop Akbasharian presented his topic “ Yegek vazenk tebi : Badganelioutioun-Ser-Kntag ( representing the Bible)- Coach ( representing God ) – Nbadag”. After the topic, the kids were divided into groups where they had to do some crafts related to the topic. After the crafts, the kids went to 6 different clubs : Sports-Crafts-Drawing-Dancing-Music-Reading. After having the lunch, the kids had some free time and after the free time, it was time for games. They played different types of games like ice-breaking games- water games- telematch-day out in the field- swimming in the pool and many other games.

In the evening, they had the prayer time followed by dinner. Before ending the program of the day, they had the chance to play some indoor and outdoor games like leader hunt-general knowledge contest-holy man etc… the night ended with puppet show. It was nice to be part of this year’s children camp because not only the children learned things about God, but also the leaders had the chance to refresh their faith.


Update: The leaders are already planning a Hamahavak gathering that will take place on Saturday, Nov. 27, 2010.

(Front, L to R): Vahé Jébéjian [leader, from Cyprus through Ashrafieh Church], Silva Chilingirian [head leader, from Marash Church], Jano Baghboudarian [leader, from Emmanuel Church], Hagop Harfoushian [leader, from Ashrafieh Church], Aline Khederian [leader, from Marash Church].
(Back, L to R): Hagop Akbasharian [speaker, UAECNE theology student as field worker], Liza Tunberian-Hekimian [leader, from Anjar School], Lory Aintablian [leader, from Anjar Church], Hagop Karkazian [leader, from USA through Anjar Church], Arine Baghdoyan [leader, from First Church], Zaven Bardakjian [assistant leader, from Marash Church]