About us


We’re the blogging team of the Armenian Evangelical Emmanuel Church. We’ve been online for around ten years since 2006, and in March 2016 we celebrated the ten-year anniversary of being an online publication.

Initially, in March 2006, Raffi Chilingirian had the vision to create a means of communication among the youth. The vision sprang from a common need, to know more about the events, the prayers, the Bible studies, the worship gatherings. The vision gave birth to a mission and it grew year by year to become one of the core ministries of our church.

Many things have changed during these ten years, we’ve grown up, we’ve learnt from our mistakes, some editors have departed for new adventures, and our church has invited a new pastor, badveli Sevag Trashian, to guide us to be the aroma of Jesus Christ in our community.

Currently, our committee members are:

  • Raffi Chilingirian, founder
  • Samuel Demirjian, member
  • Liza Barsoumian, member

Mission: We share news 'n articles of Armenian Evangelical Youth and Churches.