Emails and Messages

Mr. Krikor Ozanian: "Dear Raffi,
Though I am writing in English with Latin letters, I would like to thank you for your article that has by now spread round the World.

We share your passion about using Mashtoz’ letters for communications in Armenian. Indeed, in 1991 the Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation in Portugal funded a private project to design several Armenian fonts, both for screen and printers, that were suitable for the then first graphic word processor – the ChiWriter. Needless to say that was the time before Windows 3.1. This Armenian Fonts Suite, created by Krikor and Takouhi Ozanian, was used with the kind permission of the Foundation in some of the newly emerged post-Cold War Armenian newspapers in Eastern Europe. You may be surprised to learn that the Suite also contained a spell-checker suitable for Armenian (and for that matter for any other language, as it used ASCII code for its database). We have no further information as to how the Suite was used in the following years.

This may appear to you as historical detail, but I am writing this as did not fail to notice the importance that you put onto the availability of spell-checking facility in Armenian (and to no lesser extent your advice on social aspects of communicating in Armenian).

I sincerely wish you every success in your endeavours,

Administrator's response: "Dear Krikor,
I read your email with glee and I enjoyed it till the end, since I'm a history lover. There are lots of lessons to be learnt from history and many issues can be resolved by going back to history and finding out where others have failed and succeeded. And you have just provided me with this information, where the Gulbenkian Fund has already achieved the creation of a spell checker in Armenian for ASCII encoding.
It is amazing that this article (ՀԱՅԵՐԷՆ ՏԱՌԵՐՈՎ ՆԱՄԱԿ ԳՐԷ‏) has been greatly appreciated by many, specially that it encourages the use of Armenian in our ordinary life, in emails, in chat and everywhere else. It is also amazing that after publishing this article, I went through an email communication with two people, who are very much involved in compiling and creating an online comprehensive Armenian dictionary. Two of them reside in USA.
Unfortunately, they are both working alone (since they are not aware of each other's work) and they are looking for ways to fund their project. In case there is interest, would the Gulbenkian Foundation fund such an important project?
My vision that I shared with both is to have the dictionary inherent in Microsoft/Mac and in browsers like Internet Explorer and Firefox, where if you are filling a form in Armenian, the mistakes will be automatically underlined with a thin red line and when you click on the misspelled word, it will provide you with options with correct words. This is already inherent and found for the major languages and even Turkish is in there.

Dr. Gevork Kherlopian (USA) "Dear Raffi:
Thank you for publishing the youth article. This was written in great pain and struggle. I did my best to avoid technical and orthographical mistakes. Please, check and correct if you find any. Please, pray that this article will not become my " Swan Song". I am grateful to God that he gave me a long and rich life. He saved me from exile in 1949, He returned me to life after the fatal accident of 1953. He gave me life after the next fatal accident of 1988. He gave me the possibilities to learn and serve Him, serve His church, serve humanity, my people and science. So I hope he will save me this time too and lead the physicians, But all the same I pray Him to give me another chance. I will be glad to read your remarks. Please, send this article to papers and magazines you think can help. It is the result of many years of research. Soon I will undergo surgery. With gratitude and love, Gevork"

Pasteur Gilber Leonian (France): "Chers amis,
Je tiens à vous remercier et à vous féliciter pour le formidable travail que vous accomplissez au travers de votre blog.J'apprécie la qualité et le contenu de vos articles.Nous sommes à la fois nourris dans notre vie spirituelle,dans notre identité évangélique et aussi par des informatons concernant l'oeuvre de Dieu au Moyen Orient,en Arménie,aux USA,en Europe,en Australie....
Bravo à toute l'équipe,continuez sur cette voie,que Dieu renouvelle vos forces et bénisse ce précieux travail de communication.Je vous rappelle que pour la revue "Panère" dont je suis le Rédacteur,je serais très heureux de votre collaboration.
Je salue tous les Tchanitzagans,leurs responsables et tout particulièrement ceux et celles que j'ai connu au camp de Késsab en Septembre 2008.
Amitiés en Christ,
Badvéli Gilbert"
Translation: "Dear friends,
I want to thank you and congratulate you for the tremendous work you do through your blog. I appreciate the quality and content of your articles. You both feed us in our spiritual life in our evangelical identity and also by information about God's work in the Middle East, Armenia, USA, Europe, Australia ....
Bravo to the entire team, continue on this path that God renews your strength and bless this precious work communication. I would like to remind you for the magazine "Panpère" I am the editor, I'd be very happy for your cooperation.
I welcome all Tchanitzagans, their leaders and especially those I met at camp Kessab in September 2008.
Greetings in Christ,
Badvéli Gilbert"

Ms. Gassia Keloukian (Lebanon) commenting on (Best Sportsmanship Coach): "WOW! Congratulations Mike for the award, you DESERVE IT :)
i was so happy to see your picture and the title of BEST SPORTSMANSHIP COACH!

Mr. Vicken Keshishian (Canada): "Hi Raffi,
First let me, congratulate you, and the whole, team, at the great work that you do and keep the world informed of the activities of your chanitz. an odd 40 years back, I was an active member of that team, actually was one of the first that formed the group, at Emmanuel church. Our whole Family has been a active member of your church, and the school. My Bother was a teacher at the Torrosian school. my Mother was in the Ladies Group, and my Father was in the board of members of Torossian school and the Emmanuel church, before they migrated to Canada to join me, in 1982.
Of those days I have one surviving picture, that I will send to you one day.

God Bless you and all of the chanitz, congregation and the dear church of Emmanuel.

Best regards
Vick Keshishian"

Administrator's response: "Thank you so much Vicken.

Ms. Rebecca N. (USA) commenting on (Cooperation vs. Competition - Rethinking Youth Sports): "I'm reading your blog with interest. I have a google alert set to notify me when any news or blogging is about competition vs. cooperation. When I receive an alert, I don't expect the point of view of a believer (like myself) so I am blessed to hear your perspective. Competition vs. Cooperation is a topic my students will consider for the next year because they will debate both sides. I will take your thoughts back and they will be discussed. They are good thoughts. It is no random thing that your thoughts travel around the world to land here with us in the USA, so we will also hold you in prayer. Thank you for sharing your thoughts. 1 Cor. 9:24 Do you not know that all the runners in a stadium compete, but only one receives the prize? So run to win. 9:25 Each competitor must exercise self-control in everything. They do it to receive a perishable crown, but we an imperishable one.
9:26 So I do not run uncertainly or box like one who hits only air. 9:27 Instead I subdue my body and make it my slave, so that after preaching to others I myself will not be disqualified."

Ms. Anahid Boghosian commenting on (Cooperation vs. Competition - Rethinking Youth Sports): "I've always felt that Christians tend to leave their Christianity behind when it comes to sports (among other things). There tends to be a lot of compartmentalizing. Cheating is completely normal & okay to do, as long as their team wins in the end. I've seen teams fighting & cussing each other out to the point where I couldn't believe I was at a "Christian" sporting event. The idea of having cooperative games is great! "

Mr. Sebouh Boyadjian (Lebanon): "Dear Evangelical chanitz blog
thank you very much for all the news that you are sending to me, i am so happy to hear about your work , God bless You."

Mr. Hagop Toroyan (USA) commenting on (Պոռնիկ Կինը)"Every now and then, I read your pages. We were a group of young students when we started Emanuel Chanits back in 1972-1975.
I am very, very much excited to see writers like you discuss controversial issues. Please keep writing. Please keep praying too.
One note though, it is always important to look from Biblical perspective. The question of adultery and sin is a very complex issue. If you desire in your heart to have adultery, then it is sin. Jesus did not condemn the prostitute and asked the Jews "Let he who is without sin cast the first stone".
We all are sinners and we all need salvation.
Warm regards,
Hagop Toroyan "

Mr. Hagop Gojigian's response to Hagop's comment: "Շնորհալ եմ Յակոբ, գրած ակնարկիդ համար: Կ՛ուզեմ մի քանի կէտեր յիշել:
ա- համաձայն եմ որ բոլորս ալ մեղաւոր ենք, եւ կը հաւատամ որ եթէ նոյնիսկ մեր մտքէն անցնենք պոռնկութիւնը, արդէն գործած կ՛ըլլանք:
բ- ես համաձայն չեմ այն ակնարկին որ կ՛ըսես թէ ես կը դատեմ պոռնիկները:
գ- կ՛ուզեմ 2 հարցում հարցնել քեզի:
1- բոլորս մեղաւոր ըլլալուն համար, պէտք չէ՞ մեղքին մասին խօսինք:
2- դուն պոռնկութեան գաղափառին հե՞տ ես: "

Mr. Vicken Keshishian (Canada):"Hi Raffi,
The Church had a small Scout group, and Hagop Toroyan was the leader, those were very happy days, for all, we were small group but full of activities and full of energy. I see through your blog , that energy has grown ten folds, that alone is a great source of Joy and Pride for me, even though we did not meet, I feel that I know you very well.
God Bless you Raffi and bless all those who work and dedicate their time for good things.
Vicken Keshishian"

Mrs. Sylvie Avakian-Maamarbashi (Lebanon):"To dear editers of Chanitz Youth,
I want to thank you for your work and say that every time I open your mail I do it with great interest to have the latest Chanits news and see the latest pictures.. I did enjoy very much this time because our daughters were also part of the Summer Bible school.
So, vartsgernit gadar,
Sylvie Avakian-Maamarbashi"

Administrator's response: "Dear Silva,
It's great to read your encouraging feedback.
We will have something else for you, next time :)

Mr. Daniel Vanian (USA):
"Do you have the hymnal Spriritual Hymns of Worship by EE Elmajian? I have an old copy and am looking for a new one. Do you know where I could get one or could I buy one from you? Thank you"

Mrs. Arpi Sarian (USA):"Thank you for sharing Tchanitzagan Lourer with me. I have fond memories of being a Tchanitzagan 34 years ago, best time of my life.
May God bless you.

Mrs. Maral Gojigian Artin (Sweden):"Mrouje ur e? yev inhcu hon bashdamunk enelu sgesan???"
Administrator's response: "Բարեւ Մարալ, Մրուժը գիւղ մըն է (մօտ է Պոլոնիային եւ Տհուր էլ-Շուէյրին) ուր հայեր ամառները օդափոխութեան եւ տաքէն փախելու համար հոն կը մնան: 30 տարի առաջ հոն եկեղեցի կ՛ըլլար, բայց պատէրազմէն վերջը կեցաւ, եկեղեցիին մէջ երկու հոգի այս տեսիլքը եւ պէտքը տեսան, եւ գործի սկսան ու փառք Աստուծոյ շատ շատ լաւ ընդունուեցաւ եւ գնահատուեցաւ:
Յուսամ օգտակար դարձայ քեզի:
Բարի Օր,

Rev. Nishan Bakalian (USA) commenting on (Vahe): "Hagop has beautifully described the effect Vahe's life had on all of us at Haigazian. When we admitted him, we knew there would be challenges, both for him and for us (faculty, staff and students). Little did we know how his struggles and triumphs would transform us. Thank you, Hagop, for reflecting on this, and especially on how God used Vahe to teach us to value what is truly important - faith and friends. "
Hagop Akbasharian's response to Rev. Nishan's comment (Vahe): "thank you revo for your reflection; writing about vahe is the least i can do after knowing the person he was with Jesus. thank you again."

Yeretzgin Mrs. Tamar Paklayan Albarian (Canada) commenting on (Աւետարանչական Ժողովներ - Evangelistic Meetings): "I am proud of you guys , Let God bless you , the same week we have a weekend like that here in Canada Toronto, in our church Arm. Evan. church of Toronto. We have invited Setrag Khoshafian he is a wnderful wonderful wonderful speaker full of the spirit and knowledge. He is computer programer, he is a big, big shot in his company, he is the creator of ( the first armenian christian radio in the internet just log on and you will enjoy listening the latest christian Armenian music. you will be trilled to ask him come for your future Evang. meetings. if you want I'll send his info's. But yeah I know Pastor Jack too I was invited last year by the invitation of the France Arm, Evan. union to do 6 concerts/ outreaches to sing and evangelize for kids age 4-11 so I went to leon too, there i met him and his wife they are a wonderful couple. Anyways God increase you vision for his glory and kingdom, again I'm very proud of you. By the way I'm Tamar Albarian(the pastor's wife of the Toronto church, and the children's singer and evangelist).
lets be in prayer for each these events.

Administrator's response: "Thank you so much for your email Tamar :)
I know you through your DVD and songs, the kids here love you! What a nice coincidence that two sister churches in different locations are having evangelistic rallies. We definitely should be praying for each other. I also know Setrag Khoshafian through his Armenian sermons, and I would love to receive his info and share it with the committee here for the future. We have also posted about, which is one of its kind.
Keep in touch.

Ms. Salpi Titizian (Syria)
commenting on (Աւետարանչական Ժողովներ - Evangelistic Meetings): "will do.may God's Name be praised"
Administrator's response: "Thank you so much Salpi for His glory to be known.

Rev. Hovhannes Svajian (Lebanon) commenting on (Աւետարանչական Ժողովներ - Evangelistic Meetings): "Կը գնահատեմ «Ջանից Պլոկ»ը՝ իր գործակցութեան համար,ընդհանրապէս,եւ իր էջերուն վրայ Աւետարանչական ժողովներու Բոսթըրը եւ պրոշիւրը դնելուն համար, մասնաւորապէս:
Տէրը օրհնէ Ձեզ:
Յովհաննէս Կ.Սվաճեան"