Junior Youth Summer Camp in Ainjar (August 15-21, 2011)

Junior Youth ministry is a dynamic part of the mission of the Armenian Evangelical Churches and Schools in Lebanon. Summer camps are considered the climax of our ministry.

In 2011 we were blessed to have a full time youth worker, Pastor Datev Basmajian who also was the leader of the junior youth camp of this year. The speaker was Pastor Hrayr Cholakian, who talked around the theme of this year called “The Right Click”, which was about challenging relationships. For example: “Social Media vs. Real Relationships”, “Relationship with Parents”, “Relationship with the Needy”, “Relationship with the Opposite Sex”, and “Relationship with God”. It was challenging for the campers (66 teenagers) to be aware of the relationships around them, the importance of being healthy in those relationships, prioritize them, and take serious decisions according to God’s Word.

The counselors were 9, Mrs. Seta Kejelian, Mrs. Talin Meserlian, Miss Shushan Artinian, Miss Nanor Kelenjian, Miss Arine Baghdoyan, Mr. Shahan Kilaghabian, Mr. Shahe Demirjian, Mr. Hagop Akbasharian, and Mr. Jiro Ghazarian. They have committed their time, effort, service, focus, and availability to make this camp an event that would glorify our Lord Jesus Christ. I should also add that this year we had the privilege of inviting Rev. Greg Haroutunian to do a seminar for our leaders before camp, which was very helpful to focus on Christ, remembering our mission, and be filled with the Holy Spirit.

Our daily schedule was full. The campers woke up, had breakfast, quiet time with God, worship, , break into study groups, session, snack break, lunch, leaders meeting, workshops (NEWS, Video-Clip, Drama, Dessert, and Dance), outdoor activities and games, shower time, dinner, evening activities and games, sing song, and ended our day with prayer time.

The commitment worship and session time, the campers and leaders painted the stained glass cross and wrote their names as a sing of their commitment and renewal. Many campers devoted their lives to Christ for the first time, and others had the chance to renew their vows in Christ Jesus our Savior.

As a follow up, each study group leader committed themselves to pray and meet with their groups. Also, a Facebook group was formed to keep in touch with the campers, encourage them daily, share prayer topics, verses from the scripture, pictures and videos taken during the camp, and post new events and gatherings and news about junior youth ministry. Soon, we are planning a follow up retreat in KCHAG.

I thank the leaders, the speaker, the AMAA, local supporters, Ainjar boarding school staff, and last but not least God, that made this camp happen. I believe that from the first of our planning meeting until now, we were blessed by his presence, guidance, grace, and power.

For His Glory, Amen.