Youth Summer Camp in KCHAG (August 25-28, 2011)

Youth ministry is a vital part of the mission of the Armenian Evangelical Churches in Lebanon. Summer camps are considered the highlight of youth ministry.

In 2011 we were blessed to have a full time youth worker, Pastor Datev Basmajian who also was the leader of the youth camp of this year. The speaker was Rev. Dr. Paul Haidostian, who talked around the theme of this year called “Signs”. The first session was about the “Signs of Integrity” using signs as elements that can lead to integrity. The second session was about the “Signs of Times”, the end times, the here and now times, and focused on our calling as Christians to be the people of genesis, new beginnings. The third session was about the “Worldly Signs vs. Godly Signs”, that there are different signs around us, and he challenged the youth to be signs of God to others. And the fourth session was called “Christ, Our Sign” based on 1 Corinthians 1:22-24. It was challenging for the youth (60 young people) to be aware, learn to discern, and be active signs of God for those around them.

The counselors were 9, Mrs. Maral Haidostian, Miss Shushan Artinian, Miss Silva Chilingirian, Miss Liza Barsoumian, Pastor Sebouh Terzian, Mr. Krikor Aynilian, Mr. Serop Ohanian, Mr. Hagop Akbasharian, and Mr. Jiro Ghazarian. They have committed their time, effort, service, focus, and availability to make this camp an event that would glorify our Lord Jesus Christ.

Our daily schedule was full. The youth woke up refreshed in KCHAG, had a good breakfast, quiet time with God, worship, session, break into study groups, coffee break, workshops (wooden cross, banners, news), lunch, leaders meeting, debate, outdoor activities and games, shower time, dinner, evening activities and games, sing song, and ended our day with prayer time.

The commitment worship and session time, the youth marched to the top of the hill and re-installed the Cross of KCHAG (our sign), which was made by the workshop group, under which we had our group picture later on. And as a sign of their commitment each young person made his/her cross using nails and wires.

As a follow up, each study group leader committed themselves to pray for their groups. Also, a Facebook group was formed to keep in touch with the campers, encourage them daily, share prayer topics, verses from the scripture, pictures and videos taken during the camp, and post new events and gatherings and news about youth ministry.

I thank the leaders, the speaker, the AMAA, local supporters, KCHAG staff, and last but not least God, that made this camp happen. I believe that from the first of our planning meeting until now, we were blessed by his presence, guidance, grace, and power. For His Glory, Amen.