Children's Camp 2011

At the pool
Once again, I had the privilege to be a leader at the Children’s Camp in Anjar. My first experience last year was so amazing that I decided to volunteer again. Therefore, I would like to thank the committee for selecting me and giving me the chance to serve as a leader at the Children’s Camp.

We were overall 61 children and 14 leaders. The number of leaders may sound big, but I still ask myself how we could have run this Camp smoothly without each and everyone’s help. The leaders’ group included: Hagop Akbasharian, our main leader, Liza Hekimian, our badkamaper, Jiro Ghazarian, Jano Baghboudarian, Zaven Bardakjian, Sero Kelougian, Gassia Danaoghlian, Aline Tahazian, Garin Haidostian, Anita Andonian, Arine Baghdoyan, Lory Aintablian, Palig Kilaghbian and myself, Vahe Jebejian.

Everyday the children woke up at 8 o’clock, did some physical exercises, and then had their breakfast. Afterwards, they had their devotion, menig bah, with their room leader. Worship was led by the leaders. The band (Lory Aintablian – piano and Jiro Ghazarian – guitar) added warmth and enthusiasm to the time of worship and singing. Right after this session, Liza Hekimian presented the message of the day in a very creative manner, using puppets and drama to explain her message. The children had teamwork, where they discussed the daily message and did some crafts according to the message of the day. Lunch was followed with a break of approximately one and a half hours that was followed by games, shower, and dinner.

Menig bah
The theme of this year’s Camp was Prayer, a topic which I consider and find very appropriate to teach young children as they come to know, understand, read and grow their interest in the Bible and Jesus Christ. Liza Hekimian presented many aspects of prayer and about how we should pray for the well-being of others and not just for ourselves. One subject that I liked the most and I think generated a lot of discussion among the children was about forgiveness. The children asked questions such as: “But baron how many times should I forgive?” “Should I forgive without even someone saying sorry or asking for forgiveness?”

Sunday at church
Every night we had a different program: a general knowledge quiz, where the children were just as out of control as they were having fun, an Armenian night, where the children sang on top of their voices! And so it goes on… The last day I think was the best night for the children. They enjoyed the company of the marching band of Anjar! The smile on the kids’ faces was just priceless! Children who had been quiet for different reasons during the Camp were now clapping and moving to the beat. They were so happy!

This Camp was not only a great time for the children but also a very inspiring time for us leaders. I think all of us during this Camp grew in the Lord much more. Thanks to Hagop Akbasharian, who organized creative prayer times every morning before the children woke up, we enjoyed the Lord’s presence among us. I even remember one leader say, “During different moments of the Camp, the little child in me woke up. It was as if my spirit was enjoying and rejoicing in the Lord as a little child!” Praise the Lord!

Finally, I want to express my deep gratitude to the people who made this year’s Camp an amazing experience for both the children and us!

Vahé Jébéjian