What kind of challenges do the youth face in the 21st century?

On 16 August, Rev. Dr. Paul Haidostian, the president of Haigazian University lectured in the youth seminar, organized by the Armenian Orthodox Catholicosate.

He talked about the different obstacles that the youth face in this century, specially with the changing of the world and the many different decisions that a young person has to make. Today's youth has a problem with decision-making, because of the vast amount of choices that are available in front of him. Only when he passes this level, is he ready to go to the second level, which is making the best decision, and choosing the right one. This is a sign of progress, yet at the same time is full of danger.

Rev. Dr. Paul Haidostian added that information is very much available today and everywhere. And the information that anyone takes will leave its effect on the mind, even when one rejects it. He talked about the decline of morality, which he ascribed to everything being permissible and anyone being able to attain anything he wants today. He also said that the moral convictions have been shaken, because to some extent science was able to give answers to some of the behaviors.

The pastor pointed out 4 different reactions and the stand that the youth take:

  1. Escape from the issues and surrender to drugs and opium.
  2. Show indifference and criticism, specially towards those who teach about morality and towards the institutions like the Church and the Christians.
  3. Live in doubt and deceit, without being able to discern as to what is right and what is wrong.
  4. Encourage a negative self and personality, cynical and rejecting of others; and delve into an emotional religion, and enjoy those aspects that are mostly emotional.

Translated by Raffi Chilingirian