What are the Threats and Challenges that Youth are Facing Today?

What are the threats and challenges that youth are facing today?

Several readers responded to last week's Newsletter question (What is threatening the lives of youth today?) either by voting or emailing. And here's what got most votes:

A- Opium and drugs
B- New Age teachings and false teachers
C- Decline of morality (1 vote)
D- Not knowing what is right and what is wrong (1 vote)
E- All of the above are equally threatening the lives of youth today (1 vote)

As you can see the three votes are varying. In fact, all of these options could pose a threat to the lives of our youth, no matter where they are living, whether in Armenia, Lebanon, France or USA/Canada.

Here's what Rev. Dikran Shanlian (pastor of the Armenian Evangelical Brethren Church, USA) writes:

"Dear all,
I do praise the Lord for your dedication & selfless ministry for children & youth. You have been in my prayers from the first email that I received. Always I share Your news with my congregation.

I believe you have done your homework well regarding the youth. I would say all of the above. Be steadfast, as Apostle wrote- you are always in my mind, in my heart & in my prayers.
God bless you all!

Rev. Dr. Manuel M. Jinbachian (Canada) reflects his own community’s challenges and writes the following:

Dear Raffi

Thank you for sharing the "Armenian Evangelical Emmanuel Church Chanitz Blog;" It is with great interest that I read and learn about your activities. May the Lord bless and strengthen you and your Chanitz.
You had asked five questions that are very significant and important. 
The answer to these questions depend on where one is living. Certain questions are equally important for all regions - such as the use of drugs - but others have more regional character. For example, here in Montreal, the schools are forbidden teaching any religious subjects - that includes even the Armenian schools. But of course, our schools teach the subject under a different name and form.

When we look around and when we speak with the primates of the churches, we see that 40% of the marriages in Montreal are mixed; either the husband is a foreigner or the wife is so. What do you expect from such marriages? Many of the Armenian children go to government schools for financial reasons. The Armenian schools cost a hundred times more than the state schools, and not all Armenians are able to afford the tuition. Besides, if the child has a mixed parent, they would rather send their kids to the government-run schools, which I understand.

When kids are not taught any biblical subjects, how will they find out and decide what is right and what is wrong? Most parents, both father and mother work. The children come home before the parents. Can we expect them to follow a certain morality? I doubt that in such cases it is possible. The kids grow without guidelines and care. I do not see a bright future for the Armenians who have immigrated to Montreal. Within a few
generations they will become like the rest of the population. Everyone is interested in making money and would not care about being Armenian and keeping their national Christian values. I am sorry for being so pessimistic, I am only looking around me and sharing with you what I find.

Best Wishes

Jacob M. Khushigian (Fresno, CA) looks at these challenges/threats and writes:

Dear Brothers and Sisters,
I love to read and hear what is going on and it allows me to pray for you  with some understanding. I read the following:


What is threatening the lives of youth today? (click on the underlined phrase that you think is MOST threatening)
A- Opium and drugs
B- New Age teachings and false teachers
C- Decline of morality
D- Not knowing what is right and what is wrong
E- All of the above are equally threatening the lives of youth today

In case, there is a choice that's not mentioned, you can write to us by replying to this email.

I have spent the past year studying Deuteronomy in Sunday School and have only reached Chapter 6.  It is not because I am a slow reader, but we have been asking the hard questions and attempting to understand God.  Your excellent questions above are all signs of the curses that fall on those who disobey  the word of God whether they have heard or not heard God’s word.  (Jesus said in Luke 11:28    “Blessed rather  are those who hear the word of God and Obey it”). 

Our World has a majority of people who for many reasons have chosen to ignore the truth and blessing of God and follow other gods and invite the curses of the true God into their life.  We have taken idols, worshiped other gods, and we have misused and corrupted the name of the Lord (Islam).  These curses are destroying us individually, culturally and communally.
But the faithful (like your organization)  bring Life, 
Hope and Truth in this dark world and share the good news and truth that the one and only God will restore(GRACE and MERCY) those when they do return back to him and obey his commands in faith
So what is really cursing/threatening the lives of young people or  every man?   Our Sin!    
The Good News is God knew we would rebel and invites all back to him to be renewed daily by His grace, 
mercy and love. (See Dt. 30 ).   Most importantly, “Blessed rather  are those who hear the word of God and Obey it”.  This is Faith!

Thank you.

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