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Recently, we’ve been seeing anonymous comments, under certain posts, be they positive or negative, from some visitors/readers around the world. Despite the open platform that we encourage and defend the right of any person to express his/her opinion, however, we are also supporters of the online code of conduct and ethics. Therefore, we recommend and urge each commenter to mention his/her name and last name, so that healthy communication would take place. You can write to us at emmanuelchanitz[at]yahoo[dot]com, or add your opinion under each topic/post that interests you.


Mrs. Lucy Basmajian (Aleppo, Syria): "Abriss Raffi, kezy bedk e mertsanag dank ayskan deghegoutyun dalout hamar amenous, your name must be written in the records book."

Mrs. Magguy Arslanian-Daoud (Beirut, Lebanon): "It's a great work you do in Sometimes there are events or activities that are taking place around me, about which I do not hear, but later I read them through your blog."

Sarkis Karamekian Jr. (Brazil): "Pare tses Rafi jan
Ies hosnagem iev Armenia Eterna Radiojam gnem polor giragi 21h sгo pauloi jamun.Hayasdan aravodian jame 4,00h iev hqalep-suryan jame aravodian 2,00h"

Mr. Tom and Annie Hogland (Lebanon): "Enjoying your emails! Thanks!
If a gala for Haigazian can raise 217,000 US $ how much could a gala raise for Kchag?

Ms. Arlen Arnekian (Norway): "I'm soooooooo pleased to get your e-mails."

Mr. Luis (Portugal): "Hello
It has a nice blog.
Sorry not write more, but my English is bad writing.
A hug from my country, Portugal "

Mrs. Anahid Artinian Jamgotchian (Saudi Arabia): commenting on
ՍԽԱԼ ԲԱՆ ՄԸ ԿԱՅ "Finally. thank you for voicing this issue. I thought, I was supersensitive for feeling offended when I didn't receive a "thank you" after offering a gift. I agree parents & school play an important role in fixing this. However, what if the parents themselves don't know how to or don't realize they need to say, "Thank you". Thank you for your thought provoking article. We need etiquette workshops for adults & kids."

Mr. Vako Nicolian (Canada): commenting on Encourages the Use of Armenian Unicode... "I agree 100% in using UNICODE. Been trying to get Armenian sites to use it for a long time. The Unicode system enables all to read in Armenian without having to install any custom fonts."

Mr. Anton Ananyan (Germany): "Congrats for this great blog!"

Anonymous (France): commenting on
Kids Camp in Anjar that took place during the summ... "hello
j'ai passé 7 ans de mon enfance ici 1975-1982 que DIEU bénisse ces lieux."

Anonymous (Canada): commenting on The Armenian Missionary Association of Canada Inc.... "Congratulation to all,
its about time that Mher Khatchikian is removed from AMAC, since he denies even being associated to any Armenian Evangelical Church but rather affiliate himself to United Church of Canada for convenient personal reasons.."

Anonymous (Kuwait): commenting on About Us "just tell me what do you represent and what is your mission? the name "Chanitz" has absolutely no meaning, and your role in the armenian society is to steal christian apostolic souls and tie them to a foreign-imported sect, there are bad news that your protestant sect is "buying" people and villages for money, flour and Armenia,"

Mr. Daniel Zeitounian (LA, USA): commenting on
Three Armenian Evangelicals from Turkey defending ... "these are our kach heroes "

Mr. Hagop Gojigian (Lebanon): commenting on
Chanitzagans Serving and Reaching Out in Their Com... "pavagan hachog or me er , payets yerani kordzatire darin ankame asng zerakirner chene , ayel haradev . anshoushd yete jamanag ounen dzeraklelou . "