EQUIP LEadership Training, Volume II, Notebook 3 - THINKING FOR A CHANGE

EQUIP (founded by John Maxwell) did it again, this year!
The participants came from Syria and Jordan to Lebanon, to Harissa, where the sessions took place on October 2 and 3.
Rev. Camille Melki, is the coordinator of the event and his team had the event well organized. Mr. Tom Atema, the speaker presented most of the lessons, and assisting him was Rev. Khalil, from Jordan, who presented some of the lessons.

The title of the Chapters were:
1- Change Your Thinking and Change Your Life
2- Focused Thinking and Creative Thinking
3- Realistic Thinking and Strategic Thinking
4- Possibility Thinking and Reflective Thinking
5- Popular Thinking and Shared Thinking
6- Unselfish Thinking and Bottom-Line Thinking

Participating from Lebanon were:
Ms. Shake Geocherian (Emmanuel Church),
Mr. Serop Ohanian (Emmanuel Church),
Mrs. Jimmy Kozman-Ohanian (Emmanuel Church),
Mr. Mano Chilingirian (Emmanuel Church),
Mr. Raffi Chilingirian (Emmanuel Church),
Ms. Silva Chilingirian (Marash Church)
Rev. Hagop Sarkissian (First Church).

Participating from Syria were:
Pastor Datev Basmajian (Damascus Church),
Mrs. Sirag Karagoezian-Basmajian (Damascus Church),
Pastor Sevag Trashian (Kessab Church).

* Some of the pictures are the courtesy of Mrs. Sirag Karagoezian-Basmajian