The Last Kchag Café for the Summer of 2009

This year, the last Kchag Café was simply amazing. While the whole organizing team had planned the Armenian event outside, under the sun, the weather surprised everyone and it rained, and we found ourselves running for cover and shelter. Fortunately, the church building of Kchag was very close. In ten minutes, the place was prepared to contain around 100 participants.

Mrs. Yester Kilaghbian, the yeretzgin of the Armenian Evangelical Church in Ashrafieh, presented about the Ladies Camp in Kessab, Syria, with Rev. Krikor AghabalOghlu as the speaker from Turkey.
Then, Ms. Nanor performed several Armenian songs.
We had a guest from the Danish-Armenian Mission from Denmark, Mr. Mikkel Bandak, who also shared about the mission's history and the relationship of the Danish people with the Armenians, and how it all started during 1915 and after the Genocide.

All in all, we've never had a Kchag Café like this before. It surely is a year to be remembered.