The Purpose Driven Life, Rick Warren's Bestselling Book

Rick Warren's bestselling book, THE PURPOSE DRIVEN LIFE.

Price: 15,000 LBP (10 USD)

"The Purpose Driven Life inspired me to make several changes in my personal and business life. For one, I am now more active in my church and in regard to family, I am now spending more time with family where previously I was a workaholic going for the money, spending way too much time at work and giving whatever was left (which wasn't much) to my family.
The Purpose Driven Life is an OUTSTANDING book that will impact your life. This is truly a must read."

"With so much confusion and even hate in the world. With so few people knowing what to do or where to go and considering that I am writing this on the Eve of the Resurection of Jesus Christ, I cannot think of a better, more appropiate time than right now to read and apply the concepts in this book."

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