Espoir pour L’Arménie (Hope For Armenia)

President: Serge Kurkdjian
Vice-President: Pastor Gilbert Léonian
Secretary: Annie-Claire Vahanian
Assistant Secretary: Ari Topouzkhanian
Treasurer: Boros Haladjian
Advisor: Pastor Joel Mikaelian

Founded in 1989, following the terrible earthquake that struck the Spitak region, it is one of the few non-governmental organizations represented there, and enjoys a reputation for thoroughness and skill that opens many doors.

Hope for Armenia already has to his credit several major successes in the first emergency required by the humanitarian situation, and in the perspective of autonomous economic development.

Some achievements
* Provision of two mobile clinics and medical facilities in Yerevan Gyumri.
* Installation of a dental hospital Erebuni in collaboration with UMAF (Medical Union of Armenians of France) and "Aznavour for Armenia".
* Provision of two ovens for the construction of two industrial bakeries.
* Sponsorship of orphans 1,700 children each month who receive significant aid. (depuis 1992) (since 1992)
* Acquisition and shipment of 100 stoves and fuel during the winter of 1993-94 and repeated in 1994-95.
* Creation of craft workshops, units simple and productive, that achieve results quickly and create jobs, including in disaster areas.
* Poultry Farm at Vanatzor in partnership with the Provence Alpes Cote d'Azur.
* Construction of the Franco-Armenian Spitak in collaboration with the Fund for Armenian France

Hope for Armenia has a team of twenty permanent employees recruited locally who inspire intense social activity through direct visits to families in difficulty.

The assessment of needs on the ground, the controlled distribution of aid and material support, the follow-up to all actions launched from the France, have enabled the association to acquire a great experience that reinforces its reputation every day and contributes to a better efficiency.

Hope for Armenia has on-site, in Yerevan, its own correspondent Pastor Rene Leonian, which provides management, compliance and quality of all actions initiated from the France of maintaining a permanent contact with the Armenian authorities . This presence enables effective intervention both in the short term emergency in the long term.

Hope for Armenia was also designed to meet the spiritual demands of a population from culturally weakened and trying to reconnect with its Christian roots. The dissemination of Christian literature, support for local churches, organizing camp activities and catechesis, are among the goals and emphasize the specificity of Hope for Armenia.