What are the Threats and Challenges that Youth are Facing Today?

What are the threats and challenges that youth are facing today?

Several readers responded to last week's Newsletter question (What is threatening the lives of youth today?) either by voting or emailing. And here's what got most votes:

A- Opium and drugs
B- New Age teachings and false teachers
C- Decline of morality (1 vote)
D- Not knowing what is right and what is wrong (1 vote)
E- All of the above are equally threatening the lives of youth today (1 vote)

As you can see the three votes are varying. In fact, all of these options could pose a threat to the lives of our youth, no matter where they are living, whether in Armenia, Lebanon, France or USA/Canada.

Here's what Rev. Dikran Shanlian (pastor of the Armenian Evangelical Brethren Church, USA) writes:

"Dear all,
I do praise the Lord for your dedication & selfless ministry for children & youth. You have been in my prayers from the first email that I received. Always I share Your news with my congregation.

I believe you have done your homework well regarding the youth. I would say all of the above. Be steadfast, as Apostle wrote- you are always in my mind, in my heart & in my prayers.
God bless you all!

Rev. Dr. Manuel M. Jinbachian (Canada) reflects his own community’s challenges and writes the following:

Dear Raffi

Thank you for sharing the "Armenian Evangelical Emmanuel Church Chanitz Blog;" It is with great interest that I read and learn about your activities. May the Lord bless and strengthen you and your Chanitz.
You had asked five questions that are very significant and important. 
The answer to these questions depend on where one is living. Certain questions are equally important for all regions - such as the use of drugs - but others have more regional character. For example, here in Montreal, the schools are forbidden teaching any religious subjects - that includes even the Armenian schools. But of course, our schools teach the subject under a different name and form.

When we look around and when we speak with the primates of the churches, we see that 40% of the marriages in Montreal are mixed; either the husband is a foreigner or the wife is so. What do you expect from such marriages? Many of the Armenian children go to government schools for financial reasons. The Armenian schools cost a hundred times more than the state schools, and not all Armenians are able to afford the tuition. Besides, if the child has a mixed parent, they would rather send their kids to the government-run schools, which I understand.

When kids are not taught any biblical subjects, how will they find out and decide what is right and what is wrong? Most parents, both father and mother work. The children come home before the parents. Can we expect them to follow a certain morality? I doubt that in such cases it is possible. The kids grow without guidelines and care. I do not see a bright future for the Armenians who have immigrated to Montreal. Within a few
generations they will become like the rest of the population. Everyone is interested in making money and would not care about being Armenian and keeping their national Christian values. I am sorry for being so pessimistic, I am only looking around me and sharing with you what I find.

Best Wishes

Jacob M. Khushigian (Fresno, CA) looks at these challenges/threats and writes:

Dear Brothers and Sisters,
I love to read and hear what is going on and it allows me to pray for you  with some understanding. I read the following:


What is threatening the lives of youth today? (click on the underlined phrase that you think is MOST threatening)
A- Opium and drugs
B- New Age teachings and false teachers
C- Decline of morality
D- Not knowing what is right and what is wrong
E- All of the above are equally threatening the lives of youth today

In case, there is a choice that's not mentioned, you can write to us by replying to this email.

I have spent the past year studying Deuteronomy in Sunday School and have only reached Chapter 6.  It is not because I am a slow reader, but we have been asking the hard questions and attempting to understand God.  Your excellent questions above are all signs of the curses that fall on those who disobey  the word of God whether they have heard or not heard God’s word.  (Jesus said in Luke 11:28    “Blessed rather  are those who hear the word of God and Obey it”). 

Our World has a majority of people who for many reasons have chosen to ignore the truth and blessing of God and follow other gods and invite the curses of the true God into their life.  We have taken idols, worshiped other gods, and we have misused and corrupted the name of the Lord (Islam).  These curses are destroying us individually, culturally and communally.
But the faithful (like your organization)  bring Life, 
Hope and Truth in this dark world and share the good news and truth that the one and only God will restore(GRACE and MERCY) those when they do return back to him and obey his commands in faith
So what is really cursing/threatening the lives of young people or  every man?   Our Sin!    
The Good News is God knew we would rebel and invites all back to him to be renewed daily by His grace, 
mercy and love. (See Dt. 30 ).   Most importantly, “Blessed rather  are those who hear the word of God and Obey it”.  This is Faith!

Thank you.

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Ms. Anie Boudjikanian's Testimony About Yeretsgin, Mrs. Alice Shnorhokian

Ողջոյն ձեզ, 

Ատենին երբ Երեցկին Ալիս Շնորհօքեանի վկայութիւնը կարդացի, փառք տուի Աստուծոյ իր 101 շնորհքի տարիներուն համար: -Մայիս 2, 2011-ի թիւ- 

Խոր ցաւ զգացի սակայն որ գրութիւնը նախաբանով մը զինք աւելի ծանօթացուցած չէր ընթերցողներուն: Այսօր առաւել եւս պարտք կը զգամ այս տողերը գրել, մեր եռանդուն հիւանդապահուհի, վարպետ խոհարարուհի, Տիկնանց Միութեան յոգնութիւն չճանչցող անդամ, աղօթող նուիրեալ Այնթապցի Մայր և Երիցուհիին յիշատակին: 

Յաջողութեան լաւագոյն մաղթանքներով՝ 
Anie Boudjikanian

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Emails and Messages #12

Mrs. Arsho K. Demirdjian (Lebanon) commenting on (Կը Վախնամ Ամուսնութենէն): "Ays nutin ngadmamp amenagarevor kordzoghoutiounne, "AGHOTEL" aysinken Asdoudzo gamke hartsenel antsin masin (gam nutin).
Yergrort "SBASEL" vor Asdvadz tsetsene kezy harmar antse!
"Derotchmov oorakhatsir, vasenzy Aniga gouda kezy kou serdit khentrevadzknere".
By the way I liked the pic. a lot!hehehe "

Mrs. Seta (Canada) commenting on (Կը Վախնամ Ամուսնութենէն): "I feel your worries and concerens about Marraige
the world has taken a Beautiful gift from God and has difiled it by it's own ideas and ways, and we as a Church are also beeing effected and inffected by the society and their idiology
it's the enemy (satan) that is destorting the Covenant of God that He's put between Man and Wife we got to be discerning
if we were to look around and eveluate weather we should get Marraied or not i would deffinatly not
there is alsways a (But) if we keep it God's way
which by the way is the only way
i think Marraige is designed by God only for The Church for the Born Again Beleivers how else would Ephisians 5 make sence if the wife is not submitted to her Husband as she is submitting to Christ, and Husbands love your wives as Christ loved His Church and gave Himself for The Church
this is the true Model of Marraige but if you don't understand the love of God then ephisians 5 would be just a piece of litriature and head knowledge and the power of The Holy Spirit would be missing to operate in your life and good luck trying to be selfless and lay down your life for one another, beacause naturally we are all about ourselves , what can i get ? what about me ?
but the secret to a happy marriage is to die to self but how is that done ? well to know and understand that i love you beacuse i iam loved by God unconditannaly because while i was yet a sinner Christ Died for me
it's very simple yet deep,, and very humbelling
so should people still get Marraied inspite of what's going on yes !! absoulutly !!
God took one look at Adam and said (it is not good for a Man to be Alone, i will make him a helpmate suitable for him ) Genesis 2:18
God also said in proverbs 18:22 (he who finds a wife finds a good thing and obtains favor from The Lord )
so the secret formula for a happy and succsesful marraige is that the mate that you are seeking and also yourself if the couple loves God with all thier heart and all their mind and all thier soul , and all thier might , and love thier neighbor (wife) as themselves then what's the problem ? so yes with Jesus Christ in our midst there is great hope in marraige in this messed up world ! and He makes everything beautiful ! "

Mrs. Maral (Sweden) commenting on (Կը Վախնամ Ամուսնութենէն): "Hi yeghpayr, amen havadasyal aghchig yev dgha al iraru harmar chen, anshushd kides asi.
Payts meg pan guzem esel nuynisg yete aghotes yev bsagvis perfect gyank mi sbaser, kani menk martenk, merzoravor yev engjevas jamanagnere unink.
mas me havadasyalner yerp zoukerun hede harser unenan ge mornan hisusi sere yev paregame sirele ,yev miyayn ink ir anse ge mdasen.Yev gark me adenner ir skhalin badjare ir zouyke gella , nuynisg lman havadken al vaz gansni mege.
Payts park Asduso vor lav jamernal gan, payts tjpakhdapar hazvakuyt e.(manavant yerp mege bzdigner uni garderiyi darik).
Love U bzdig yeghpayres,
Maral "

Պրն. Յակոբ Կոճիկեան (Lebanon) replying to the comments on (Կը Վախնամ Ամուսնութենէն): "Շնորհակալ եմ Արշօ, Սեդա եւ Մարալ: Ես իբր հաւատացեալ երիտասարդ անշուշտ կ՛աղօթեմ այս նիւթին մասին, եւ վստահ եմ թէ՝ եթէ Աստուած պատրաստած է կողակից մը ինծի համար, վստահ ան լաւ կողակից մը պիտի ըլլայ: Բայց, այս յօդուածը գրելուս պատճառը ոչ թէ միայն անհաւատներու կեանքերը դիտելով գրեցի, այլ՝ նաեւ հաւատացեալ զոյգերու եւ ընտանիքներու: "

Mr. Sarkis Karamekian Junior (São Paulo - Brasil): "Shat harkeli hayrenagitsner.
Tzer hadug lure pagetsing mer gaiketrchin.
Havidenaga Hayasdan Radiojame , misht tser dramatrutian dagneng.
Jerm parevnerov

Hosnag Sarkis Karamekian Junior
São Paulo - Brasil."

Raffi's reply: "Thank you so much Sarkis."

Pastor Steve Muncherian (California, USA): "Hye Raffi and team,
I appologize that this took so long. I finally put a link on our home page to Chanitz. You all are doing great work. May God richly bless you and keep you moving forward to His glory.

In His grace,
Steve "

Raffi's reply: "Thank you pastor Steve. We would like to mention that pastor Steve's website is: www.muncherian.com"

Albert and Sona Khatcherian (Canada): "We wanted to thank you for the many newsletters you send to us. We are really blessed by this ministry and pray that the Lord continues to be glorified through this ministry. Many times we see the pictures and read the stories and we miss the time we were in Lebanon with our fellow believers, but we know that no matter where we are, that is our missions field. God bless you all and thank you for the wonderful work you are doing for the Lord!"
Raffi's reply: "Thank you Albert and Sona. You are a blessing to us wherever you live. I specially thank your support and encouragement and blessing through your visit to Lebanon."

Yeretzgin, Mrs. Datevig Sarmazian Youmoushakian (Australia): "I Envy you guys :-) I wish we had few dedicated people like you in our church, we could of moved mountains."
Raffi's reply: "Thank you Mrs. Datevig for your encouraging words. I appreciate your support."

Mrs. Anahid Artinian Jamgotchian (Saudi Arabia) commenting on (Emails and Messages): "Raffi,
It has been brought to my attention that a comment has been posted in my name. I would like to inform you that I never wrote that comment. Furthermore, I have never attended a Christian sporting event. I request that you remove that post immediately and in the future verify the identity of the writer before posting their name.

Mrs. Anahid Artinian Jamgotchian "

Raffi's reply: "This was quickly corrected. Thank you Anahid for pointing this out. "

Pastor Obed Boyadjian (Monte Video, Uruguay): "Queridos hermanos en Cristo:
Agradeciendo los envíos e informaciones acerca de vuestras maravillosas actividades en pro de la extensión del "Reino de Dios", mucho estimaremos se sirvan enviar además de mi dirección a la de nuestra Iglesia que es la siguiente:

Obed Boyadjian"

Translation: "Dear Brothers in Christ:
Thanking deliveries and information about your wonderful activities for the extension of the "Kingdom of God", many feel will serve well send my address to our church that is:

Obed Boyadjian"

Raffi's reply: "Thank you Pastor Obed. Our heartfelt greetings and blessings to you and The Church."

The Article «Կը Խօսի՞ս Հայերէն», Written By Mr. Daniel Zeitounian, Continues to be Debated

Mr. Mihran Jizmejian (Canada) wrote...
Dear Friends:

I have been enjoying reading the articles published in the Armenian Evangelical Church - Chanitz Youth.

The Armenian language problem, be it reading, writing or speaking in the Western world and the Diaspora is becoming extremely difficult. The question is, can we fight against assimilation? If yes, for how long?
Yes, may be we can put up a strong fight through our educational systems in our schools, but what is the persentage of the children who attend Armenian private schools? Speaking for Canada and specifically Toronto, I can say that out of an Armenian population of more or less 25,000, we have a maximum of 400 students in our two private schools. To make matters worse, the students in the mentioned schools more readily communicate in the english language than Armenian.

What is the solution to keep our armenianness in the Diaspora. It is not easy. The process of educating armenianness must start at home, parents must be the first teachers and also the role models for their children and must work hard to instill in the children the pride of being an Armenian.

The Article «Կը Խօսի՞ս Հայերէն», Written By Mr. Daniel Zeitounian, Debated

You can find the article, «Կը Խօսի՞ս Հայերէն» at the following link: http://www.chanitz.org/2010/01/blog-post_03.html

Below are the comments that this article received:

Վեր. Նշան Պագալեան (Ա.Մ.Ն.) գրեց...
Գնահատելի է հեղինակին մտահոգութիւնները հայերէն լեզուին գործածութեան մասին, թէպէտ իր յօդուածը հայերէնի թարգմանուած է ուրիշ լեզուէ մը...

Պիտի ուզէի կարդալ նաեւ Հայ Աւետ. առաջնորդներու եւ մտաւորականներու համոզումները ե՛ւ անոնց ծրագիրները հայերէն լեզուի նահանջին մասին մե՛ր եկեղեցիներէն եւ դպրոցներէն ներս: Միթէ՞ բան մը չեն գրած անոր մասին, կամ մտահոգ չեն այդ նիւթով: Կամ արդեօ՞ք մե՛նք հայերէն գիրք ու պարբերական չենք կարդար այլեւս, որպէս զի տեսնենք թէ ինչ գրած ու ըսած են շատո՜նց:

Ամէն մէկս ընելիք ունինք, հոգ չէ թէ որքան համեստ: Դժգոհութեամբ նկատեցի (այս «պլոկ»ի նկարներուն մէջ) երկու տարի առաջուայ Ք.Ջ. երիտասարդաց կամ պատանեաց համագումարի առաջնորդներուն համար յատուկ պատրաստուած շապիկները՝ որոնց վրայ անգլերէ՛ն տառեր միայն կ'երեւէին: Մե՛նք ենք հարցը, եւ մե՛նք պիտի ըլլանք լուծումը՝ մեր գոյատեւման խնդիրին համար:

Կամ արդեօ՞ք ինչպէս յօդուածին մէջ յիշուեցաւ (սխալմամբ, բայց շատ ճիշդ)՝ մեր գործածած լեզուն իսկապէս «սպաններէն» է:

A Commenter (requested not to be named) wrote...
I do not understand or comprehend the concern of those who want to preserve their native language.

Preserving one's faith has nothing to do with preserving one's language. God will not judge one whether he speaks Armenian, English or Spanish.

The world is headed towards globalization and fusion of languages and cultures whether we like or not.

I have yet to hear or read a convincing point of view on this topic.

Raffi (administrator) գրեց...
Գնահատելի է Ամերիկահայ երիտասարդի մը մտահոգութիւնները, մանաւանդ ի մտի ունենալով այն իրականութիւնը որ շատ հազուագիւտ են այն անձերը որոնք Ամերիկեան դպրոցները աւարտելով կարողացած են պահել հայերէն խօսիլն ու գրելը:
Այս յօդուածը, թարգմանուած ըլլալով հանդերձ, տենչ մը կը ներկայացնէ՝ հայերէնի պահպանման, մանաւանդ եկեղեցիէն ներս:
Սակայն, պատմութեան գիրքերէն կ՛ուզեմ մէջբերել հետեւեալը, քաղուած Ամերիկացի ուսուցչուհիի յուշատետրէն.-
« Tarsus markets are cosmopolitan. You can find a dozen races rubbing elbows there. The predominating four are Turks, Arab Fellahin, Armenians and Greeks. There is a babel of these four tongues. One hears also Russian, Persian, Hindustani and Italian. We manage with French in Mersina, but it is little spoken in Tarsus. The Turkish language rules in inter-racial transactions. Armenians must use this language. Educated Armenians struggle valiantly to maintain the two surviving elements of national identity: the church and the language. But oddly enough the mother-tongue of the average Armenian is Turkish. Greek has a strong hold upon the Greeks here. It is something like the tenacious hold of the French language in Canada. The Fellahin speak a form of Arabic, but are too ignorant to care whether they make themselves understood or not.» The Red Rugs of Tarsus, 1917.
Հետաքրքրական է որ արդէն իսկ հայերէնի գործածութիւնը եւ պահպանումը հարց էր 20-րդ դարուն: Բայց աւելի հետաքրքրական է Յոյներուն կարչիլը իրենց լեզուին: Այս իրականութիւնները իրարու հակասական կը թուին, եւ հարցումը .- Ինչո՞ւ Յոյները զօրաւոր կարչած էին իրենց լեզուին, իսկ հայերը ոչ այնքան զօրաւոր:

Գալով դժգոհութեանդ Վեր. Նշան, այդ շապիկները մանուկներու համագումարի՝ առաջնորդներու խումբին դեղին շապիկներն էին: Ըստ երեւոյթին հոս լատինատար շապիկներ կը հագնին բայց հայերէն կը խօսին, իսկ այլուր հայատառ շապիկներ կը հագնին, բայց օտար լեզուներ կը գործածէն: Բայց տեսնենք որքան Արեւմտահայերէնը պաշտպանող բերդը պիտի կարենայ դիմանալ եւ գոյատեւել:

Ես պիտի վերջացնեմ, իմ՝ Թորոսեան Վարժարանի Անգլերէնի ուսուցիչիս խրատով, որ մեզի փոխանցեց երբ 9-րդ կարգի աշակերտներ էինք .-
«Տիրապետեցէք երկու լեզուներուն, անգլերէնին եւ հայերէնին: Երբ անգլերէն կը խօսիս, լման անգլերէն խօսիր, եւ երբ հայերէն կը խօսիս, լման հայերէն խօսիր, առանց խառնելու անգլերէնը հայերէնով, կամ հայերէնը անգլերէնով:»

Emails and Messages

Mr. Krikor Ozanian: "Dear Raffi,
Though I am writing in English with Latin letters, I would like to thank you for your article that has by now spread round the World.

We share your passion about using Mashtoz’ letters for communications in Armenian. Indeed, in 1991 the Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation in Portugal funded a private project to design several Armenian fonts, both for screen and printers, that were suitable for the then first graphic word processor – the ChiWriter. Needless to say that was the time before Windows 3.1. This Armenian Fonts Suite, created by Krikor and Takouhi Ozanian, was used with the kind permission of the Foundation in some of the newly emerged post-Cold War Armenian newspapers in Eastern Europe. You may be surprised to learn that the Suite also contained a spell-checker suitable for Armenian (and for that matter for any other language, as it used ASCII code for its database). We have no further information as to how the Suite was used in the following years.

This may appear to you as historical detail, but I am writing this as did not fail to notice the importance that you put onto the availability of spell-checking facility in Armenian (and to no lesser extent your advice on social aspects of communicating in Armenian).

I sincerely wish you every success in your endeavours,

Administrator's response: "Dear Krikor,
I read your email with glee and I enjoyed it till the end, since I'm a history lover. There are lots of lessons to be learnt from history and many issues can be resolved by going back to history and finding out where others have failed and succeeded. And you have just provided me with this information, where the Gulbenkian Fund has already achieved the creation of a spell checker in Armenian for ASCII encoding.
It is amazing that this article (ՀԱՅԵՐԷՆ ՏԱՌԵՐՈՎ ՆԱՄԱԿ ԳՐԷ‏) has been greatly appreciated by many, specially that it encourages the use of Armenian in our ordinary life, in emails, in chat and everywhere else. It is also amazing that after publishing this article, I went through an email communication with two people, who are very much involved in compiling and creating an online comprehensive Armenian dictionary. Two of them reside in USA.
Unfortunately, they are both working alone (since they are not aware of each other's work) and they are looking for ways to fund their project. In case there is interest, would the Gulbenkian Foundation fund such an important project?
My vision that I shared with both is to have the dictionary inherent in Microsoft/Mac and in browsers like Internet Explorer and Firefox, where if you are filling a form in Armenian, the mistakes will be automatically underlined with a thin red line and when you click on the misspelled word, it will provide you with options with correct words. This is already inherent and found for the major languages and even Turkish is in there.

Dr. Gevork Kherlopian (USA) "Dear Raffi:
Thank you for publishing the youth article. This was written in great pain and struggle. I did my best to avoid technical and orthographical mistakes. Please, check and correct if you find any. Please, pray that this article will not become my " Swan Song". I am grateful to God that he gave me a long and rich life. He saved me from exile in 1949, He returned me to life after the fatal accident of 1953. He gave me life after the next fatal accident of 1988. He gave me the possibilities to learn and serve Him, serve His church, serve humanity, my people and science. So I hope he will save me this time too and lead the physicians, But all the same I pray Him to give me another chance. I will be glad to read your remarks. Please, send this article to papers and magazines you think can help. It is the result of many years of research. Soon I will undergo surgery. With gratitude and love, Gevork"

Pasteur Gilber Leonian (France): "Chers amis,
Je tiens à vous remercier et à vous féliciter pour le formidable travail que vous accomplissez au travers de votre blog.J'apprécie la qualité et le contenu de vos articles.Nous sommes à la fois nourris dans notre vie spirituelle,dans notre identité évangélique et aussi par des informatons concernant l'oeuvre de Dieu au Moyen Orient,en Arménie,aux USA,en Europe,en Australie....
Bravo à toute l'équipe,continuez sur cette voie,que Dieu renouvelle vos forces et bénisse ce précieux travail de communication.Je vous rappelle que pour la revue "Panère" dont je suis le Rédacteur,je serais très heureux de votre collaboration.
Je salue tous les Tchanitzagans,leurs responsables et tout particulièrement ceux et celles que j'ai connu au camp de Késsab en Septembre 2008.
Amitiés en Christ,
Badvéli Gilbert"
Translation: "Dear friends,
I want to thank you and congratulate you for the tremendous work you do through your blog. I appreciate the quality and content of your articles. You both feed us in our spiritual life in our evangelical identity and also by information about God's work in the Middle East, Armenia, USA, Europe, Australia ....
Bravo to the entire team, continue on this path that God renews your strength and bless this precious work communication. I would like to remind you for the magazine "Panpère" I am the editor, I'd be very happy for your cooperation.
I welcome all Tchanitzagans, their leaders and especially those I met at camp Kessab in September 2008.
Greetings in Christ,
Badvéli Gilbert"

Ms. Gassia Keloukian (Lebanon) commenting on (Best Sportsmanship Coach): "WOW! Congratulations Mike for the award, you DESERVE IT :)
i was so happy to see your picture and the title of BEST SPORTSMANSHIP COACH!

Mr. Vicken Keshishian (Canada): "Hi Raffi,
First let me, congratulate you, and the whole, team, at the great work that you do and keep the world informed of the activities of your chanitz. an odd 40 years back, I was an active member of that team, actually was one of the first that formed the group, at Emmanuel church. Our whole Family has been a active member of your church, and the school. My Bother was a teacher at the Torrosian school. my Mother was in the Ladies Group, and my Father was in the board of members of Torossian school and the Emmanuel church, before they migrated to Canada to join me, in 1982.
Of those days I have one surviving picture, that I will send to you one day.

God Bless you and all of the chanitz, congregation and the dear church of Emmanuel.

Best regards
Vick Keshishian"

Administrator's response: "Thank you so much Vicken.

Ms. Rebecca N. (USA) commenting on (Cooperation vs. Competition - Rethinking Youth Sports): "I'm reading your blog with interest. I have a google alert set to notify me when any news or blogging is about competition vs. cooperation. When I receive an alert, I don't expect the point of view of a believer (like myself) so I am blessed to hear your perspective. Competition vs. Cooperation is a topic my students will consider for the next year because they will debate both sides. I will take your thoughts back and they will be discussed. They are good thoughts. It is no random thing that your thoughts travel around the world to land here with us in the USA, so we will also hold you in prayer. Thank you for sharing your thoughts. 1 Cor. 9:24 Do you not know that all the runners in a stadium compete, but only one receives the prize? So run to win. 9:25 Each competitor must exercise self-control in everything. They do it to receive a perishable crown, but we an imperishable one.
9:26 So I do not run uncertainly or box like one who hits only air. 9:27 Instead I subdue my body and make it my slave, so that after preaching to others I myself will not be disqualified."

Ms. Anahid Boghosian commenting on (Cooperation vs. Competition - Rethinking Youth Sports): "I've always felt that Christians tend to leave their Christianity behind when it comes to sports (among other things). There tends to be a lot of compartmentalizing. Cheating is completely normal & okay to do, as long as their team wins in the end. I've seen teams fighting & cussing each other out to the point where I couldn't believe I was at a "Christian" sporting event. The idea of having cooperative games is great! "

Mr. Sebouh Boyadjian (Lebanon): "Dear Evangelical chanitz blog
thank you very much for all the news that you are sending to me, i am so happy to hear about your work , God bless You."

Mr. Hagop Toroyan (USA) commenting on (Պոռնիկ Կինը)"Every now and then, I read your pages. We were a group of young students when we started Emanuel Chanits back in 1972-1975.
I am very, very much excited to see writers like you discuss controversial issues. Please keep writing. Please keep praying too.
One note though, it is always important to look from Biblical perspective. The question of adultery and sin is a very complex issue. If you desire in your heart to have adultery, then it is sin. Jesus did not condemn the prostitute and asked the Jews "Let he who is without sin cast the first stone".
We all are sinners and we all need salvation.
Warm regards,
Hagop Toroyan "

Mr. Hagop Gojigian's response to Hagop's comment: "Շնորհալ եմ Յակոբ, գրած ակնարկիդ համար: Կ՛ուզեմ մի քանի կէտեր յիշել:
ա- համաձայն եմ որ բոլորս ալ մեղաւոր ենք, եւ կը հաւատամ որ եթէ նոյնիսկ մեր մտքէն անցնենք պոռնկութիւնը, արդէն գործած կ՛ըլլանք:
բ- ես համաձայն չեմ այն ակնարկին որ կ՛ըսես թէ ես կը դատեմ պոռնիկները:
գ- կ՛ուզեմ 2 հարցում հարցնել քեզի:
1- բոլորս մեղաւոր ըլլալուն համար, պէտք չէ՞ մեղքին մասին խօսինք:
2- դուն պոռնկութեան գաղափառին հե՞տ ես: "

Mr. Vicken Keshishian (Canada):"Hi Raffi,
The Church had a small Scout group, and Hagop Toroyan was the leader, those were very happy days, for all, we were small group but full of activities and full of energy. I see through your blog , that energy has grown ten folds, that alone is a great source of Joy and Pride for me, even though we did not meet, I feel that I know you very well.
God Bless you Raffi and bless all those who work and dedicate their time for good things.
Vicken Keshishian"

Mrs. Sylvie Avakian-Maamarbashi (Lebanon):"To dear editers of Chanitz Youth,
I want to thank you for your work and say that every time I open your mail I do it with great interest to have the latest Chanits news and see the latest pictures.. I did enjoy very much this time because our daughters were also part of the Summer Bible school.
So, vartsgernit gadar,
Sylvie Avakian-Maamarbashi"

Administrator's response: "Dear Silva,
It's great to read your encouraging feedback.
We will have something else for you, next time :)

Mr. Daniel Vanian (USA):
"Do you have the hymnal Spriritual Hymns of Worship by EE Elmajian? I have an old copy and am looking for a new one. Do you know where I could get one or could I buy one from you? Thank you"

Mrs. Arpi Sarian (USA):"Thank you for sharing Tchanitzagan Lourer with me. I have fond memories of being a Tchanitzagan 34 years ago, best time of my life.
May God bless you.

Mrs. Maral Gojigian Artin (Sweden):"Mrouje ur e? yev inhcu hon bashdamunk enelu sgesan???"
Administrator's response: "Բարեւ Մարալ, Մրուժը գիւղ մըն է (մօտ է Պոլոնիային եւ Տհուր էլ-Շուէյրին) ուր հայեր ամառները օդափոխութեան եւ տաքէն փախելու համար հոն կը մնան: 30 տարի առաջ հոն եկեղեցի կ՛ըլլար, բայց պատէրազմէն վերջը կեցաւ, եկեղեցիին մէջ երկու հոգի այս տեսիլքը եւ պէտքը տեսան, եւ գործի սկսան ու փառք Աստուծոյ շատ շատ լաւ ընդունուեցաւ եւ գնահատուեցաւ:
Յուսամ օգտակար դարձայ քեզի:
Բարի Օր,

Rev. Nishan Bakalian (USA) commenting on (Vahe): "Hagop has beautifully described the effect Vahe's life had on all of us at Haigazian. When we admitted him, we knew there would be challenges, both for him and for us (faculty, staff and students). Little did we know how his struggles and triumphs would transform us. Thank you, Hagop, for reflecting on this, and especially on how God used Vahe to teach us to value what is truly important - faith and friends. "
Hagop Akbasharian's response to Rev. Nishan's comment (Vahe): "thank you revo for your reflection; writing about vahe is the least i can do after knowing the person he was with Jesus. thank you again."

Yeretzgin Mrs. Tamar Paklayan Albarian (Canada) commenting on (Աւետարանչական Ժողովներ - Evangelistic Meetings): "I am proud of you guys , Let God bless you , the same week we have a weekend like that here in Canada Toronto, in our church Arm. Evan. church of Toronto. We have invited Setrag Khoshafian he is a wnderful wonderful wonderful speaker full of the spirit and knowledge. He is computer programer, he is a big, big shot in his company, he is the creator of Bashde.org ( the first armenian christian radio in the internet just log on bashde.org and you will enjoy listening the latest christian Armenian music. you will be trilled to ask him come for your future Evang. meetings. if you want I'll send his info's. But yeah I know Pastor Jack too I was invited last year by the invitation of the France Arm, Evan. union to do 6 concerts/ outreaches to sing and evangelize for kids age 4-11 so I went to leon too, there i met him and his wife they are a wonderful couple. Anyways God increase you vision for his glory and kingdom, again I'm very proud of you. By the way I'm Tamar Albarian(the pastor's wife of the Toronto church, and the children's singer and evangelist).
lets be in prayer for each these events.

Administrator's response: "Thank you so much for your email Tamar :)
I know you through your DVD and songs, the kids here love you! What a nice coincidence that two sister churches in different locations are having evangelistic rallies. We definitely should be praying for each other. I also know Setrag Khoshafian through his Armenian sermons, and I would love to receive his info and share it with the committee here for the future. We have also posted about Bashde.org, which is one of its kind.
Keep in touch.

Ms. Salpi Titizian (Syria)
commenting on (Աւետարանչական Ժողովներ - Evangelistic Meetings): "will do.may God's Name be praised"
Administrator's response: "Thank you so much Salpi for His glory to be known.

Rev. Hovhannes Svajian (Lebanon) commenting on (Աւետարանչական Ժողովներ - Evangelistic Meetings): "Կը գնահատեմ «Ջանից Պլոկ»ը՝ իր գործակցութեան համար,ընդհանրապէս,եւ իր էջերուն վրայ Աւետարանչական ժողովներու Բոսթըրը եւ պրոշիւրը դնելուն համար, մասնաւորապէս:
Տէրը օրհնէ Ձեզ:
Յովհաննէս Կ.Սվաճեան"

Emails and Messages

Ms. Zepure Berberian (Lebanon): "Dear Raffie
Thank you to your reply, I'm from Arm. Evangalical of brotherhood in lebanon,
i have recieved before many times your e-mails and was happy to see and read the reports.
god bless you

Mr. Hagop Gojigian (Lebanon) commenting on (Հայ Աւետարանական Համաշխարհային Խորհուրդի Նախագահին Հանդիպումը Հայաստանի Հանրապետութեան Նախագահին Հետ): "orinageli badveli me , yerani polore verabadveli Harout Selimian-en orinag arnen , ir ashkadasiroutyane . ov vor kideh Hay Avedaranagan petel yegetsin yev tebrotse inch er asgeh 10 dari arach yev hemag inch yegadz a , indzi bid hasgena.
Asdvadz Ortneh Ver. Harout . "

Tom and Annie Hoglind (Lebanon): "Just want to tell you over again that your emails, website and blogs are incredibly good. Thanks for making the effort!
Tom and Annie"

Ms. Rosangela Jarjour (Cyprus) commenting on (Beyond Borders and Beliefs): "I truly enjoyed reading your article. It is so well done, so tranperant and goes deep into the heart. The end is somehow sad but so full of hope for the future and the possibility of re connecting with that person. You did excellent job as if an expert dealing in conflict resoluation and pre concieved fears from the others! I pray that this experience you had would be given to many other youths from our churches and community.God bless you and we are proud of you! Rosangela jarjour"

Mrs. Ani Hovagimian (Arab Gulf country) commenting on (ՄԻ ՁԳԵՐ ՈՐ ՔԵԶ ԱՆԱՐԳԵՆ): "Rev. Hovhanes,
Thank you for your words, nice!! I miss church and everybody. I wish i can read or receive Sunday service. Send my greetings to all chanitzugun. Love u all , Ani"

A commenter (Syria): "To the Anonymous in Kuwait. It seems you are ignorant. Please read more in the History of the Armenian people. As for the souls you are worried about ask the the Apostolic church in Yerevan to do more for the people since Bourj Hammoud in Lebanon has more apostolic churches than Yerevan the Capital of Armenia. "

Mr. Vako Nicolian (Canada) commenting on (ԱՊՏՈՒԼ ՄԱՍԻՀ ԻՆԾԻ ՊԱՏՄԵՑ ԱՊՐԻԼ 24-Ի ՄԱՍԻՆ): "Very interesting, I am interested to know the author of this article. "

Administrator's response: "Unfortunately Vako, we still couldn't find or know the author of this article"

Mr. Sebouh Boyadjian (Lebanon): "Dear Evangelical chanitz blog
thank you very much for all the news that you are sending to me, i am so happy to hear about your work , God bless You."

Ms. Shushan Artinian (Lebanon) commenting on (ՀԱՅԵՐԷՆ ՏԱՌԵՐՈՎ ՆԱՄԱԿ ԳՐԷ‏): "Հայերէն բառերու իմաստը գիտնալու կամ ուղղագրութիւնը ստուգելու համար, կրնաք նաեւ հետեւեալ կայքէջը գործածել: http://www.nayiri.com/ "
Administrator's response: "Շատ շնորհակալ եմ Շուշան որ յիշեցուցիր ինծի այս կայքէջը: Նկատեցի որ վերափոխուած է եւ արդէն գործածութեան վիճակի մէջ է: Շատ կը նմանի yamli.com-ին, որ արաբերէնի լեզուին համար է:
Երանի թէ այս կայքէջը որդեգրուի google-ի կողմէ եւ Firefox/Explorer-ի կողմէ, որպէսզի հիմա մինչ կը գրեմ, եթէ սխալ բառեր գրեցի, ցոյց տայ սխալներս որ սրբագրեմ ու սորվիմ սխալներէս: " 

Mr. Vako Nicolian's response: "nayiri.com կայքէջը շինած է Սերուծ Ուրիշեանը, յուսամ կրնայ Ռաֆֆիին առաջարկածը կատարել Google-ին հետ: "

Ms. Betty Ketchejian (Lebanon): "ur doing such a great job with d blog, vartsket gadar irav!"

Mrs. Alidz Aghbabian (USA): "lav kordz gu desnes"

Rev. Haroutune Selimian (Syria): "Dear Raffi, thank you for all the valuable work you are doing."

Mr. David Hagopian (USA): "Administrator Raffi,
Thank you for placing me on the list for the Chanitz Blog. It is a great service that you do for the evangelical community. I am writing to ask if there is anything that has been done differently in the last two weekly e-mails. When I receive them, my Outlook hangs up with a reference to having to communicate with googleblogs. Not sure if any of your other users are having the same problem. Please let me know.
Thank you,"

This problem was quickly resolved.

Mrs. Sona Khatcherian (Montreal, Canada): "I am writing to say thank you for allowing us the opportunity to keep up with the news from abroad. We are currently in Canada and it is a blessing to be able to hear about what is going on with Armenian Evangelical Christians from around the world. Thank you for your hard work and faithfulness.
God Bless,
Sona Mammigonian Khatcherian
Montreal, Canada"

"Thou Shall Not Kill" Sparks Debate

Two readers discuss the points raised in the article "Thou Shall Not Kill" by ManoChil.

David R. Hagopian (USA):
I read with interest your message entitled “Thou Shalt Not Kill”. What a dichotomy! How could such a religious man as Pastor Dietrich Bonhoeffer contemplate the killing of a human? Our Bible addresses death and killing in many ways. Indeed, many have argued that the Christian Bible is contradictory when it comes to this (and other) subjects. For example in Matthew 5 & 6, and in Luke 22 the Scriptures, appear to offer contradictory direction.

Luke 6:29 (New International Version)
29If someone strikes you on one cheek, turn to him the other also. If someone takes your cloak, do not stop him from taking your tunic.

Matthew 5:39 (New International Version)
39But I tell you, Do not resist an evil person. If someone strikes you on the right cheek, turn to him the other also.

Luke 22:36 He said to them, "But now if you have a purse, take it, and also a bag; and if you don't have a sword, sell your cloak and buy one.

On one hand we are giving away shirts and on the other we are selling them for weapons. But as Armenians we refer to the Bible as “the breath of God” and therefore it cannot be contradictory.

The best explanation that I have ever heard of this particular dichotomy came from a lay preacher by the name of Bali Balian (my grandfather), who lived in Lebanon until the 1960’s. He said that these verses mean exactly the same thing. For the good of society, the protection of the innocent, the protection of family, and the defense of a nation, there are times when one must kill and there are times when one must die. As a Christian it is easier to die than to kill. But we must be ready for both situations. Without the knowledge of Scripture and the love of Christ in one’s heart, it is difficult if not impossible to discern, when faced with this situation, which path to choose.

David R. Hagopian
Deerfield, IL USA

Elisabeth Käser (Switzerland):
Dear Manuel

I read your article: Thou shalt not kill. As you wrote about Dietrich Bonhoeffer I'm sure you know that he once said something like: "It is less culpable to do something bad, than to be bad."
Interesting enough I'm reading a book by Paul Tournier. The title: "Shall We Assert
Or Give In? (Sich durchsetzen oder nachgeben?) Quote: "Bishop Wurm had often discussed the matter with an other Bishop (in Nazi Germany), one of his best friends, who, like him hesitated. Fortunately, one night, Wurm suddenly had an inner call, that he should take vigorous action and breake with the regime. He took it as a divine inspiration and immediately obeyed. It was high time. Little but was missing and he would have, like the other bishop, been led astray from compromise to compromise to conform with the regime, until eventually he wouldn't have been able to get away. Consequently he and his friend, who both hesitated for a long time, became leaders of two parties of the church, who irrevocably stayed in opposition, one in resistance, the other in submission."
How difficult it was for even a godly man like Bishop Wurm to know what to do! May God give us and all his children in times needed an inspiration and may we then obey immediately. May HE give us grace all the time.

With best wishes for your service in chanitz and wherever, including privately. Special greetings from Switzerland to you as well as to Badv. Svajian and Dig. Vera.

(previously in Anjar)

ManoChil's response:
Dear Elizabeth and David Hagopian,

I’m am glad to know that the article I’ve written as of late September 2009 – Thou Shalt Not Kill – has stirred you to think about this difficult issue and write good responses whether a Christian should contemplate the very idea of killing when necessary.

I believe this subject will keep on being a controversial matter to many throughout their lives.

In Truth,

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