Badaniatz Leaders Get Trained

Organized by the Kordzatir Marmin, on 17,18 January, the leaders of the Armenian Evangelical Youth groups gathered together and went to Feytroun in order to take part in a leadership training. The guest speaker for the event was the Rev. Vatche Ekmekjian who has a vast experience working with teenagers.

Knowing that today's focus span of teenagers is much lower, the main target of the training was to equip leaders with creative ideas and attention grabbing methodologies so that the message of the gospel could be reached to the youth.

In order for participants to practice the creative methods conveyed, the group was divided into two teams and each team had to use the techniques learned and come up with creative ways of presenting the gospel.

We thank the Kordzatir Marmin and the Rev. Ekmekjian for the useful leadership training in order to reach out to a vital member of Christ's body - the youth.