A short biography of Harry L. KOUNDAKJIAN

At age 22 founded photo-journalism in Beirut, Lebanon working as photo-reporter for the French language daily 'L'Orient' and its Arabic sister paper 'Al Jarida'.

During the same time free-lanced for Magazine and Ousbou el-Arabi weeklies of Beirut with whom he had over 300 cover picture stories; for Time and Life magazines and The Associated Press; Paris Match, France-Soir as well as Dalmas and Keystone Photo Agencies of France; Illustrated London News magazine, The Daily Mail and The Daily Express and The London Times, The Manchester Guardian of London.

Joined The Associated Press in Beirut, Lebanon in 1966 where he covered all Middle East events, from military coup d'Etats to Royal weddings--four for King Hussein of Jordan--and deaths, earthquakes in Turkey, Iran and Morocco, cyclone in East Pakistan, now Bengladesh.

Being Armenian and neutral in Middle East conflicts, was the only remaining photo-editor during and after the Munich Olympic massacre. Covered Miss Europe pageants during five years in
Beirut, the Pope's 1st visits to Jerusalem, East Pakistan, and Turkey.

Traveled with Sec. of State Henry Kissinger and Cyrus Vance in Air Force I during their shuttles to make peace between Arabs and Israel. Visited West Africa where he accompanied Mrs. Pat Nixon during her 'goodwill' tour etc. Was supervising photo-editor for the Asian Olympics in Tehran during Shah Reza Pahlevi's reign.

Did several picture stories about Leila Khaled, the notorious Palestinian lady who hijacked the TWA jetliner to Algiers and Damascus.
Had front page and cover photos of the Lufthansa hijack to Dubai by Palestinian 'freedom fighters' showing the hijacker, Capt. Mahmoud aiming his pistol at the pilot's head, who was later murdered and his body thrown from the plane in Aden.

Covered the Lebanon crisis from 1973 until 1979 when he and his family were transferred to New York City headquarters as a multi-lingual photo editor responsible for publications' needs outside of the USA, Canada and Mexico.

Has won World Press Photo prizes and APME plaque.

He is known as Harry "The Horse" and is now the International Photo Editor at the AP, in New York.

Left picture: Mr. Harry speaking about his pictures of 55 years, at Hamazkayin in New York City
Right picture: Ms. Lola Koundakjian giving her testimonial about her father.

Left to right--Aida Koundakjian, Harry L. Koundakjian holding the plaque given to him by Hamazkayin, and Dr. Herand Markarian

Left picture: Richard Pyle reading his testimonial about Harry "The Horse" koundakjian
Right picture: Close up of Richard Pyle