Armenian Choirs Preparing For the Joint Performace for April 24

Six choirs, ARMISS, Shnorhali, Ayk, Kousan, Arakelotz, and Groong are having joint sessions in the Armenian Evangelical Emmanuel Church, to prepare for the joint performace of April 24 event, that is going to be held in Emille Lahoud Hall.

(Left): Conductor Garo Avessian (Armenian Evangelical ARMISS choir)
(Right): Conductor Barkev Taslakian (Hamazkayin Kousan choir)

(Left): Conductor Eddy Torigian (Armenian Catholic Groong choir)
(Right): Conductor Krikor Alozian (Armenian Apostolic Arakelotz choir)

(Left): Conductor Zakar Keshishian (Armenian Apostolic Shnorhali and Ayk choirs)
(right): Pianist Camilla Keshishian