Faith that Endures, a must read

This book is suggested by Mr. Tom Hoglind.

"Most of us are blissfully ignorant of the true extent and nature of the persecution of Christians today. On top of that, we don't know how to effectively help our suffering brothers and sisters. Now Faith That Endures stands as the most comprehensive and authoritative guide on the persecution of the church today.

"Ron has the knowledge, experience, and insight to guide us in learning and appreciating the persecuted church in our time, and it shows in this excellent and moving book. He gives us a comprehensive guide, enriched with personal profiles and stories from around the world, and also shows the complexities of the issues that we despereately need to understand if we are to do more good than harm."
- Paul Marshall, senior fellow, Freedom House's Center for Religious Freedom

Yes, this book is a MUST- READ. You might have thought that China, North Korea, India and Vietnam are the countries of persecution, but you will be taken aback when seeing that persecution is much more common than you might think and that it doesn't only involve getting beaten up and put in prison!!!