Back to School

“Welcome Back to School”- This was the phrase heard all over the Torosian campus on Friday October 3, 2008, the first day of school.
It was a special day for all the students and the teachers as well.
The day started with a long chapel for all the school. It was conducted by the principal, Mrs. Seta Karageozian. The message of the day was delivered by Rev. Hovhanness Sevadjian. He focused on the fact that you harvest whatever you cultivate – if you work hard you will receive good results.
After the chapel there was a reception of welcome for the students and their parents, where they were invited for some juice and cake.
The reception was followed by the students going up to their classrooms where they had a sharing time with their homeroom teachers, meeting their new and old classmates.
The first day of school was wrapped up with outdoor games to all the intermediate students and the elementary students, too.
Everyone left with a smile on their face at the end of the “First Day of Torosian School”.

First Sunday Chapel

The first Sunday chapel was on Sunday October 12, 2008, where all Torosian School students were present with all their teachers. The message was delivered by Rev. Lucy DerGarabedian, a Chaplin in the U.S. army, who was present in Lebanon for a vacation. The message was on teacher-student relation relying on the Old Testament passage on Elijah’s and Elisha’s relationship.
Rev. Lucy DerGarabedian enchanted us with a beautiful peace of music played by herself on the piano, leaving us all with a beautiful image of her message.