Last Night at Kchag dedicated for sharing about Chanitz Camp and about Kchag

On 10 October, 2008, it was the last Kchag Cafe night. This time, it was dedicated for the Chanitz Camp and sharing about it. Also, the veterans shared about their love for Kchag and how many came to know Christ in the Camps that were held here before the war and before the different militias took it as a base in 80's and 90's.

Chanitzagans presenting the song that won the first prize, Inchou Yes? Why Me? Pourquoi moi? Also singing the new french song, Joie Joie Mon Coeur Est Dans La Joie.

Hovsep Ainteblian, Koko Aynilian, Mano Chilingirian, Raffi Chilingirian, Vahe Aynilian, Dr. Avo Chakmakian, Movses Harfoushian, Shant Aynilian and Levon Kardashian.

Left: Hagop Akbasharian sharing about Chanitz Camp
Right: Mano Chilingirian presenting the Chanitz Camp with pictures

Aline Tahazian and Jano Baghboudarian sharing about their experience from the Camp

Jiro Ghazarian and Noushig Shanlian sharing about their experience

Rev. President Megerdich Karageozian and Mr. Tom Hoglind sitting in front

Mrs. Yester Kilaghbian and Mr. Garbis Deyirmenjian sharing about the Camp

Left: Rev. Dr. Paul Haidostian talking about Kchag and its future plan
Right: Rev. Raffi Missirlian sharing about the Camp in Kessab

Mr. Hagop Kelougian and Mrs. Hoglind talking about Kchag and their many lovely experiences and their special love for this place called Kchag.

Ms. Sona Nashian and Rev. Soghomon Kilaghbian sharing about their past experiences in Kchag and telling the new generation about the history of Kchag with some humorous anecdotes.