Emails and messages...

Ms. Searan Salibian (USA): "Great job with sending out updates and keeping us informed with relevant news and info. May God bless you in this ministry and as He uses you to bring together many around the world."

Rev. Hrayr Cholakian (Lebanon): "Thanks for your hard work, bringing Arm. Evang. News to our homes."

Ms. Ani Boujikanian (Lebanon): helped us succeed in obtaining valuable images.

Rev. Vicken Cholakian (Greece): "Thank you for your great work on the internet. It is encouraging to see you keep the good work in your chanitz."

Mr. Nigolig Yavrig (Lebanon): "Hello, im NIgol from chanits marash thx for the emails and the informations. God bless you GUys †"

Ms. Lynda McCarver (from Morningside Pres. Church, USA): sent us a letter regarding Rev. Dr. Vartkes Kassouni.

Mr. Raffi Kevorkian (Athens, Greece): requested our help to find his classmates from Shamlian Tatigian school from the years 78-79, and asked for pictures of his dear school. We helped him and directed him to the Shamlian Tatigian school administration.

Rev. Dr. Varkes Kassouni (USA): "Thank you for printing the article about my 50th Ordination Anniversary Celebration I am deeply grateful to you for this favor." also, "I am very impressed with your organization's depth of vision, faith and and outreach. I wish you the best."

Ms. Salpy Degirmenjian (Lebanon): "God bless you and keep up the good work. Speaking in tongues is a topic that really needs clarification."

Mr. Garabet Orunoz (Turkey): sent us many valuable images. Also: "Ապրիլ 27'ին պիտի երդանք Պատանեկան Տուն չեմ գիտեր թէ քանի հոգի կուգայ բայց կը սպասէմ մօտավորապէս 100 հոգի: Բարեւներս նաեւ բոլոր Աւետարականիչներուն երիտասարդութեան:"

Rev. Nabil Shehadi (Lebanon): "Enjoyed your blog too – keep spreading the good news."

Mr. Mike Torosian (Lebanon): requested the lyrics of an Armenian evangelical song in which it says "viravoretsi yete megn aysor...", to which we responded positively.

Mr. Khoren Pilibossian (Canada): "I would like to thank you for keeping us updated of what is going on in Chanitz Lebanon." He also passed the Rev Manuel Jinbachian's greetings and asked a few questions about our website(blog).
Also: "I have listened to your audio message about speaking in tongues and found it very interesting. I wanted to share and study more about this topic looking from Armenian Evangelical perspective."

Brother Norek Minas (Iraq): greeted us and presented his request. He also told us that many follow and read this website.

Ms. Nanor Balabanian (USA): "ehle ehle!! garodtsank yaww"

Ms. Liza Titizian (Syria): "Glad that I receive from your website the Newsletters regularly even if it's late to reply. I would like to congratulate you and encourage your good work that I appreciate it. So, keep on working and may God Bless you all."

Mrs. Maria Bakalian (USA): "As always, I enjoy receiving and reading your blog every week.
" She also cautioned us to look deeper and check further the links that might have escaped from our sight.

Mr. Zaven Khanjian (USA): greeting the chanitzagans: "
I salute you from the banks of the Pacific ocean. As vast and colossus the ocean is your hearts seem to me to be more spacious in that it can embrace the world in love just as the resurrected Lord Jesus asked us to go to the end of the world and preach the gospel. That heart which embraces the world has a special place for our people and the memory of those who remained steadfast with the faith, stuck to the historical fatherland and perished because of it. Please keep that flame ablaze as we will never forget what the Lord had blessed us with, a heaven on earth, and continue the struggle for justice."

Rev. Habib Alajaji (USA): sent us his greetings through Ms. Sh. Geocherian and congratulated us for the good work that we're doing through this blog.

Mr. Vartan Tonbazian (Armenian Evangelical College Alumni in Canada): "I admit your site is really active therefore it takes dedicated people and some sort of compensation" ...
Almost weekly i check your website; it's great! Keep up the good work."

Also, "Amazing site; something new every 2nd or 3rd day --- that takes lots of effort and dedication. As for the newsletters; it's a great reminder with all the headlines. It's never boring!"

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