A leader needs to remain teachable

Organized by Camille Melki, the principal of Heart For Lebanon organization, the much awaited 2nd volume of EQUIP – Equipping Leaders to Reach Our World – Million Leaders Mandate was now finally afoot. For the next 3 years the leaders will meet every 6 months to study six unique and indispensable books. The first of these meetings took place on the 28th and 29th of March, 2008 at Harissa, located at the picturesque mountains of Lebanon. It was very encouraging to witness around 165 participants from Jordan, Syria, Lebanon, and Iraq – from different ages and ministries – sitting together. Members listened with great fervor to the speaker of the event Mr. Tom Atema, who came all the way from Atlanta, USA, to train fellow Christians in the Middle East on the different aspects of leadership. Eight leaders from the Armenian Evangelical Churches of Syria and Lebanon participated:
  • Ms. S. Chilingirian and Mrs. A. Andonian (Nor Marash Church)
  • Ms. Sh. Geocherian, Mr. R. Chilingirian, Mrs. J. Kozman Ohanian, Mr. S. Ohanian, and Mr. M. Chilingirian (Emmanuel Church)
  • Rev. D. Basmajian (Damascus Church)
The topics of Today Matters book had the following titles:
  1. Why Leadership is Vital to the Great Commission
  2. Today Can be a Masterpiece
  3. Managing My Attitude, Priorities and Health
  4. Managing My Family, Thinking and Commitment
  5. Managing My Finances, Faith and Relationship
  6. Managing My Generosity, Values and Growth
  7. Managing My Personal Growth
It is now up to each of us to teach 10 new members in Christ and train those who will become the leaders of the future.

EQUIP website: www.iequip.org

Written by Anitta Andonian

Translated by Mano Chilingirian