WoW! We had a great camp in Anjar! (A coverage of the social aspect)

More than 70 youth from 4 different chanitz groups headed to Anjar in a huge bus, where many surprises awaited us. We arrived at night to start our "hamakoumar" on 6 September (Thursday) that extended to 9 September (Sunday).

The groups were from Ashrafieh Church youth, Emmanuel Church youth, Marash Church youth, and Anjar Church youth.

The first night, we had a social time and games. H. Akbasharian and A. Khederian led the games and we had a great time. Look at the game where the girls are eating from the diapers.

On Friday, at night, we went to Hamati's restaurant. The Anjar-tzis were always ready to lead their folk dance, and they taught us the Anjar dance too.
It was one hilarious night, the Armenian Night. We sang, we danced, we shouted, we clapped and cheered on the famous Armenian songs of various genre. The guys even competed against the girls on a game of 'entering the song in synchrony', 'بالايقاع' in Arabic. The game was led by M. Chilingirian, helping him were K. Aynilian on the sound system, and R. Chilingirian on the laptop. The girls were leading half the game, but the guys came back, which led to a tie in the end.

On Sunday, after Church service and worship, we went to Azounieh hospital, where we met elders. We talked to them, sang with them and cheered them up. Some chanitzagans even had the gift to befriend the elders and showed very deep compassion and love.

On Saturday evening, we went out of Anjar and headed to Zahle. Zahle is an adventurous place and full of people and visitors from different places of Lebanon and abroad. The leadership served us with ice-creams and we had a great time in LunaPark and games that were waiting for us to enjoy!

The leaders were:
  • Rev. S. Terzian (Ashrafieh Church) as Main Leader
  • Mrs. Yester Kilaghbian (Ashrafieh Church) as Speaker
  • Ms. S. Geocherian (Emmanuel Church) as Leader
  • Ms. P. Sagherian (Ashrafieh Church) as Leader
  • Mrs. M. Haidostian (Ashrafieh Church) as Leader
  • Mr. R. Andonian (Marash Church) as Leader
  • Mr. H. Deyirmenjian (Ashrafieh Church) as Leader
  • Rev. H. Sarkissian (pastor of First Church Beirut) as Leader
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