Bloggers are doing it again! This time in Myanmar

When the government in Myanmar and Burma are shutting down their ISP's and internet providers, the bloggers are making the difference.

Computers in the country are all government licensed, ISPs are closely monitored and internet access has become increasingly intermittent as the protests proceeded.

Despite the extensive repression, protests in Burma continue and a handful of bloggers remain active in reporting events to the world online. Reports that a blogger posting under the name Niknayman appears to be the only blogger still posting from inside the country. Another, under the name Ko-Htike, is posting from London whenever information is able to escape from Burma.

Hrant Dink believed in speaking the truth and he paid the price. Rev. Krikor AghabalOghlu believed in telling the Turkish community the truth about the Armenian Genocide, and he was imprisoned and receives threats on his life to this day. Yet, he continues to preach. Hrant Guzelian believed in his vision to bring all the Armenian orphans and children from Eastern Turkey to Istanbul and teach them Armenian. There was an attempt to kill him, but he survived and he was later imprisoned, only to leave to France.

These are our heroes today!

Would you do the same? Would you talk about injustice even if your own safety and security is at stake? Most of the time we are afraid to even write...Hrant GuzelianHrant DinkRev. Krikor AghabalOghlu