The Event We’ve All Been Waiting For

Adrenaline rush, sensory vibes, excitement, emotions, fright, heart pumping, and charisma. These are the words that best describe this very event. YES, ladies and gentlemen! SIPAN Barakhoomp is coming back in 2012 to ignite the stage and burn the people’s heart with artistic passion and desire once more.

One of the unique bastions of our rich Armenian culture and the darling of the Armenian Evangelical Shamlian-Tatigian School, SIPAN Barakhoomp will perform in the heart of Bourj Hammoud, at the Hovhannes Boghosian Hall on the 28th and 29th of April in front of hundreds of cultural enthusiasts who thirst for Armenian dance, Armenian music, and Armenian art wherever it is found.

Who would have ever thought that this group, which started with a few dance devotees of the school graduates, would grow to more than 100 dancers who will be going up on stage to perform on the best of our present-day Armenian music and songs? Four delightful groups – primary grade students, intermediate grade students, the all-female talented students, and the beloved seniors will dazzle us on both nights of the show!

Come and bring non-Armenian friends with you!

Come and enjoy the beautiful Armenian culture!

Come and perceive the blossoming of our new generation of Armenians in keeping the torch of our God-given culture engraved in our people’s soul!


Shamlian-Tatikian Sipan Barakhoump Rehearsing‏

After the great success of Sipan Barakhoump in 2011, the barakhoump is getting ready for its 2012 performance as well.

Through the vibrant leadership of its wonderful baroostsooyts - Carina Alexanian - this year's show will be unique in its own.

Four different groups - yes! four different groups comprising current students and the alumni - will be taking part in this magnificent event which propagates the very best of Armenian culture through music, dance and other surprises.

Don't forget to see this unique show as the group will only be performing twice this year.


A Cultural Event with the Participation of the Six Armenian Evangelical Schools

Sponsored by the Lebanese Armenian Evangelical Educational Council and organized by the Lebanese Armenian Evangelical Educational Coordinating Committee, and on the occasion of the 95th Year of the Armenian Genocide, on Friday, 30 April, in the Boghossian Theatre, the cultural event was held, with the theme of rebirth, that were presented by the students of the Lebanese Armenian Evangelical Schools.

After the Lebanese and Armenian anthems, the chairman of the committee welcomed the guests.

Then six Armenian Evangelical Schools' (the Armenian Evangelical Secondary School of Anjar, the Armenian Evangelical Central High School, the Armenian Evangelical P. & E. Torosian School, the Armenian Evangelical Gertmenian School, the Armenian Evangelical College, the Armenian Evangelical Shamlian Tatigian Secondary High School) students presented dances,individual and group recitations of Armenian poems, songs, and musical pieces.

At the end of the cultural event, the Executive Director of the Armenian Evangelical Missionary Association, Mr. Levon Filian was invited to give a speech. He confirmed the fact that when 2-3 Armenians come together, they create culture, and build home, school, and church. He greatly appreciated and congratulated the students for the presentations, and he concluded with the following words, "Our mother tongue, our Armenian culture, our Christian forefather's spilled blood, let us keep it, let us uphold their faith".

In the end, Mrs. Sossy Balian congratulated and thanked all those who took part in making this event a successful one. She also thanked the students and their parents, the teachers and the principals. Also, to the mayor of Bourj Hammoud, Mr. Antranig Messerlian, for his support.

The event was closed with prayer by Rev. Soghomon Kilaghbian, the chairman of the Central Committee of the UAECNE.

The choir of the Armenian Evangelical Shamlian-Tatikian Secondary School

Students of the Armenian Evangelical Central High School playing on different types of musical instruments

Joint choir of Anjar & Torosian & AEC

Armenian Evangelical Gertmenian School's students singing

The Sipan Dance Group of the Armenian Evangelical Shamlian-Tatikian Secondary School

Dance Group of the Armenian Evangelical College

Dance group of the Armenian Evangelical School of Anjar

Dance group of the Armenian Evangelical Central High School

A student from the Armenian Evangelical College

A student from the Armenian Evangelical School of Anjar reciting a poem

Mr. Levon Filian, the Executive Director of the AMAA

Ms. Sossy Balian

The closing prayer of the Rev. Soghomon Kilaghbian

Cultural Event in the Armenian Evangelical Shamlian-Tatigian Secondary School

On Monday, 24 May, in the Hassessian hall of the Armenian Evangelical Shamlian-Tatigian Secondary School, a cultural event was held, presented by the students of the Elementary grades. The cultural event had the following theme: In school, the song is a way to rear Christian Armenian Lebanese generations.

In the 1st part, the 1st and 2nd grade students presented the "School Anthem" song, while the 3rd and 4th grade students presented the Ten Commandments.

After these performances, Mrs. Sossi Abouhanian, who has been teaching in the same school for 34 years, shared stories from her teaching years. She also confirmed that the Armenian song and culture has always been present and encouraged in Shamlian-Tatigian School, and that the students have been greatly appreciated whenever they had participated in cultural events.

During the event, 129 students sang many songs related to Tarkmanchatz, Lebanese Independence, Christmas, Vartanantz, Paregentan, April 24, and Mother/Father Day.

At the end, the Elementary students closed the event singing Sartarabad, with Armenian flags, and ending with the Armenian Anthem.

The principal of the school, Badveli Hrayr Cholakian, thanked all those who helped in making this event a successful one, Mrs. Sossi, and also the students and their parents. Afterwards, Badveli Hrayr closed with prayer.

Armenian Evangelical Shamlian-Tatigian Secondary School Celebrates its 75th Anniversary

The Armenian Evangelical Shamlian-Tatigian Secondary School of Nor Marash celebrated the 75th anniversary of its founding on Friday, March 12, 2010 in the presence of representatives of the large family that surrounds the school: old and new alumni, teachers, staff, board members, as well as Rev. Mgerdich Karageozian, the President of the UAECNE, Rev. Dr. Paul Haidostian, the President of Haigazian University of Beirut, Mr. Antranig Messerlian, the Mayor of Bourj Hammoud, and Dr. Nourijan Demirjian, a former member of the Lebanese parliament.

The 75th Anniversary Committee (Dr. Avedis Chakmakian, Mrs. Anita Andonian, Mrs.
Ani Sarkissian, Miss. Sonia Sislian, and Miss. Joanna Momjian) had prepared a program, the MC of which was the Committee Chair, Dr. Chakmakian.

The opening words of welcome were given by Mr. John Sagherian, the Chair of the Board of the school, who then invited Rev. Dr. Haidostian to offer a prayer.

The program featured live music on piano by maestro and composer Garo Avesian, popular Armenian songs by singer and musician Mr. Kevork Bebejian, Armenian folk dance performed by the girls of the school’s Sipan dance group, poetry by Taniel Varoujan performed by alumna Tamar Nalbandian. Then the renowned maestro and musician Zakar Keshishian told anecdotes from his school days at Shamlian-Tatigian and ended his memories by playing on Shevi telling the audience that it was on the same platform that he had first played Shevi as a teenager.

Afterwards, Joanna Momjian made a powerpoint presentation on “Bourj Hammoud Yesterday & Today”, followed by a word from the principal of the school Pastor Hrayr Cholakian, who thanked all those who had worked hard to make the event a success. In his word, he noted that celebrating the 75th anniversary also serves the future of the school, because it is there to serve many more years. Then Pastor Cholakian invited Mr. A. Messerlian, along with Rev. M. Karagoezian and Mr. J. Sagherian. Mr. A. Messerlian received an appreciation plaque for his significant service to the city of
as a Mayor and for his long years of generous and encouraging support of Shamlian-Tatikian school. Then all four men cut the celebratory cake.

The closing words were given by Rev. M. Karagoezian, who noted that celebrating the past achievements is important, because the past suggests the steps towards the future. Then he offered the Apostolic Benediction.

Those present at the celebratory banquet went home with renewed memories and heartfelt wishes for successful and fruitful years to their alma mater.


Friday, 29/5/09 was a joint sports day for all of the Arm. Evang. Schools in Lebanon. All of our Elem. 4-6 And Int.– Sec. students headed to Anjar and had different types of games (Basketball for Sec. students & mini football and field games for the elem. Students). The day started with a hymn & prayer and continued with the games. Our school brought home two cups (1st place for big boys mini-football & 2nd place for junior mini-football) and a bunch of medals from the elem. field games. All enjoyed the beautiful sun & nature of Anjar.

Source: Shamlian-Tatikian blog