The Event We’ve All Been Waiting For

Adrenaline rush, sensory vibes, excitement, emotions, fright, heart pumping, and charisma. These are the words that best describe this very event. YES, ladies and gentlemen! SIPAN Barakhoomp is coming back in 2012 to ignite the stage and burn the people’s heart with artistic passion and desire once more.

One of the unique bastions of our rich Armenian culture and the darling of the Armenian Evangelical Shamlian-Tatigian School, SIPAN Barakhoomp will perform in the heart of Bourj Hammoud, at the Hovhannes Boghosian Hall on the 28th and 29th of April in front of hundreds of cultural enthusiasts who thirst for Armenian dance, Armenian music, and Armenian art wherever it is found.

Who would have ever thought that this group, which started with a few dance devotees of the school graduates, would grow to more than 100 dancers who will be going up on stage to perform on the best of our present-day Armenian music and songs? Four delightful groups – primary grade students, intermediate grade students, the all-female talented students, and the beloved seniors will dazzle us on both nights of the show!

Come and bring non-Armenian friends with you!

Come and enjoy the beautiful Armenian culture!

Come and perceive the blossoming of our new generation of Armenians in keeping the torch of our God-given culture engraved in our people’s soul!