Write your comment and be one of the 3 winners

We would like you to write your opinion about this youth blog in the comment box.

You need to answer 3 questions:
1- What is it that you like about this blog?
2- What other features (music, bible study,...) would you like to see in this blog?
3- What other subjects would you like to read more about?

Whenever you write your honest and true opinion, you will be able to participate and perhaps be one of the 3 winners. We have 2 prizes from Bible Bookshop, and 1 prize from Sulahian Super Store.

How to Participate
-Submit your answer in the comment box. In case you're reading this in the email, you can submit your answer by replying to this email.

-Please write your first name and last name and the country you live in.

Who Can Participate
-Those living in Lebanon and Syria can participate and get their prize, in case they win.

-Those living outside Lebanon (USA, Canada, Turkey, Australia, Greece,...) can participate. In case they win, they will need to decide to whom (relative, friend,...) to gift their prize in Lebanon.

Our Chanitz Riddle Winner

You can find the riddle here: http://www.chanitz.com/2008/04/riddle-me-this.html

7 people participated out of which 6 people had answered correctly. 3 were from outside Lebanon and 3 from Lebanon.

We had to pick a winner and we had a ballot just yesterday during mother's father's day event. We asked Mrs. Pauline Aynilian to pick a name out of the closed ballot and Mrs. Sevan Balabanian (USA) came out as the winner.

Congratulations and we hope many would participate and will become winners.

The prize is from Sulahian Super Store. For 20$ the winner will be able to buy anything from the store.