Write your comment and be one of the 3 winners

We would like you to write your opinion about this youth blog in the comment box.

You need to answer 3 questions:
1- What is it that you like about this blog?
2- What other features (music, bible study,...) would you like to see in this blog?
3- What other subjects would you like to read more about?

Whenever you write your honest and true opinion, you will be able to participate and perhaps be one of the 3 winners. We have 2 prizes from Bible Bookshop, and 1 prize from Sulahian Super Store.

How to Participate
-Submit your answer in the comment box. In case you're reading this in the email, you can submit your answer by replying to this email.

-Please write your first name and last name and the country you live in.

Who Can Participate
-Those living in Lebanon and Syria can participate and get their prize, in case they win.

-Those living outside Lebanon (USA, Canada, Turkey, Australia, Greece,...) can participate. In case they win, they will need to decide to whom (relative, friend,...) to gift their prize in Lebanon.