Five Reasons Why We Launched Our New Website

by RaffiChil
2016 marks the tenth anniversary of our Chanitz blog and on this occasion, we have recently launched our rebranded website. It wasn’t a simple task migrating the whole content from one platform to another, but eventually, we made it to our new and beautiful home.

Now, why did we launch a new website?
Lately, we've been contemplating about this complete overhaul. The web has changed a lot in the recent years, and our previous website hasn't been providing the best experience to our readers.

Here's a list of features that we had in mind while going through the migration:

Colors and fonts

We wanted to have simple yet invigorating colors on our website. That's why we chose the colors of the Chanitz logo, and we added to it indigo that goes well with the rest of the theme.
The fonts were provided to us by the hosting agency, and it renders well on all the screens, and most importantly it's readable on all the platforms.

Responsive design

Who hasn't heard of this new trend, which is almost every designer's craze these days? The technology has provided us with a lot of platforms, mobiles, tablets, laptops and desktops, and each come with a specific screen size. We wanted our website to be responsive, we wanted our website to look seamlessly on all the screen sizes, be them tablets but more specifically the mobiles phone.

Fresh and simple look

If you look at our new website, you can see that it has a fresh, clean and simple look, with a lot of white space, that provides easiness for our readers' eyes. We took away some clutter that was found on the sidebar of our previous website and we opted to include the vital sections, like subscribe, social media links, search, prayer, and partners.

Usability and ease of reading

Usability and ease of reading have become one of the most important aspects of a great website. And if you're a content providing website, then you know how much this is crucial. While, looking around for new hosting providers and templates, this 'usability' feature was always at the back of our minds. We wanted to provide the best experience for our readers and followers.

URL mapping

We wanted to keep our old content and migrate them to a new location. Fortunately, our new hosting provider gave us the option to transfer all our blog content with all the uploaded images in a single click.
Afterward, we had to clean the URL mapping, in order for all the old links that are scattered everywhere on search engines and social media platforms to show the correct content, rather than showing a 404 with a message that says, 'oops, the URL isn't working'. Thankfully, we had a nice option to map the URL into the new form and viola, the links started showing the readers the correct content.

Interestingly, the birthday of our Chanitz Blog coincides with the birth of our Armenian Evangelical Church. Today, we are ten years old, and our Armenian Evangelical Church is 170 years old.

Hey, it's our birthday, and we'd love to receive your emails, messages, feedback.