Beta Version

The Blogger engineers have been preparing their users to migrate to the new Beta Version. And the time has come for us, after being invited, to migrate. The Beta Version is not stable, hence the word "Beta". Therefore, we will try to benefit from the version the best, during the process of which we may stumble on difficulties. If you happen to find problems when viewing our blog, please do report to us, and we will try to tackle the problems as soon as possible.

Moreover, some features, like "verse of the day", "search tool", "email notification", "polls", "Our board" will be temporarily unavailable. On the other hand, the posts will be labeled according to their type/subject, which will allow visitors to easily navigate and view. The label section will be available in the right column soon.

In the meantime, enjoy reading the posts.

Update: "Verse of the day" is back, "Search tool" is back, "Email notification" is back, "polls" is back.
Update: In the right column you will see the labels/categories.
Update: At the bottom of the page you have "Older Posts" which allows you to see older posts.
Update: A New "Our Board" is launched, found at the bottom top of the right column.

N.B. Mozilla Firefox portrays the blog much better and the Armenian font in it is very beautifully shown. The Board also runs and loads better, the "Smileys" box will show in Mozilla, but not in Explorer. If you want to download Mozilla, go to It's free and better.

The Administration