Christmas Concert at Haigazian University

On Monday, December 19, 2011, the Haigazian University Classical Music Club organized their traditional semester concert, which they have been holding each semester for nearly 20 years. The concert was divided into three parts, the classical, the modern and the oriental, with a touch of Christmas added to the mix.

Nine students participated in the concert, which started with classical pieces by Brahms, Hayden and Chopin, played beautifully on the piano and the violin. This was followed by some notable modern songs, including “Somewhere over the rainbow” and “River flows in you,” as well as a vocal rendition of the ever-popular “You raise me up.” Adding a new dimension to this semester’s concert, the program also included oriental music, namely three celebrated songs by the Rahbani brothers as well as the song “Bleil ou Shety” played on the ‘oud.

Completing the concert with a bit of Christmas cheer, the audience enjoyed listening to a duet of “Silent Night” and sang along to the beloved Christmas carol “Joy to the World.”