Christmas Chapel at Haigazian University

One of the most popular chapel services of the year at Haigazian University is the annual Christmas chapel, which reminds people of the reason for the season. On Wednesday, December 21, 2011, the university auditorium was packed with faculty, staff and students, as well as several guests from outside the university.

Everyone was greeted by the cheerful music played by the seven-member band, which included three former HU students who came especially for this chapel. Reverend Greg Lee-Parker, the campus minister, welcomed everyone and thanked them for coming before proceeding to show a short Charlie Brown cartoon that answers the question “What is Christmas all about?” The next ten minutes were spent joyfully singing Christmas carols including the classical “Oh Come All Ye Faithful,” “What Child is This?” and “Do You Hear?” One Haigazian student read a beautiful passage from Isaiah chapter 9 and then the band played a very touching song called “Merry Christmas,” which a father had written for the daughter he was waiting to adopt.

Lee-Parker delivered his message on the first Christmas, revealing some interesting facts uncovered by a New Testament scholar about the town of Bethlehem in that period. He also emphasized the real meaning of Christmas and what impact it can have on our lives.

To conclude this Christmas service, everyone sang “Silent Night” accompanied by the sweet musical tones of the flute and the violin and finally ended with “Joy to the World.” Lots of delicious and homemade cookies, brownies and cakes were waiting at the back of the chapel once the final note had been sung.