Girls' Night

September 24, 2010 … It was our first “GIRLS' NIGHT” at Jimmy Kozman Ohanian’s place. An idea that was brought up and initiated by Jimmy herself. She wanted to gather up the girls of Emmanuel Chanits and form a small group that by time celebrated happiness and success, supported each other in times of sadness and worries and prayed for each other and still continues to pray. By this, a special bond was created between the girls.

This “GIRL’S NIGHT” is a special night for all the girls and each one eagerly waits for it to gather up and spend quality time with the other girls.

We are a group of 10 girls who meet once a month, on Fridays, in Jimmy Kozman Ohanian’s house. The night starts with prayer before eating. While eating, we talk, laugh and share and spend quality time together.

When we first started, we used to have different discussion topics each time. Topics that the girls were interested of and Jimmy & Sirag were used to prepare and lead it. But it has been five months that we started discussing a book by Charles R. Swindoll called “Esther: A Woman of Strength and Dignity”. The book talks about Esther, a character from the Bible and in it explains that Esther did not become great in her own strength but was empowered by God when she surrendered her live to Him.

After the discussion is over, we have prayer time. Each one of us shares with the others if she has any topics for prayer and asks the other to pray for and then we have a prayer time.

In the name of all the girls, I want to thank Jimmy for everything that she did and still does to make this night possible.

Kohar Parseghian