The Bare Facts: Sex,Love & Relationships / Josh McDowell Seminar

It was a great opportunity for us, the teachers of the Nor Marash Armenian Evangelical Church's Sunday School, to participate in a seminar and be with JOSH MC DOWELL (a professional in sex education).

Dr. Dowell insisted on the importance of sex, love and relationship, considering the truth in the Bible, and the principles of medical science and culture. He says that as long as we have the internet, one culture exists, which is the internet-Facebook culture.
God has created sex, which is a beautiful thing. We must have complete knowledge of it and we must be able to wait for it in order to have a long, happy and healthy life.
He insisted that Sex education should be taught at home. Questions kids and teenagers ask have to be answered simply, honestly and truthfully. They should feel free and safe to ask their parents and not to be obliged to go to other sources for information like their peers or the Internet. He mentioned that nowadays teenagers are tempted to view with just 1 click at over 500 million pornography sites. So, WAKE UP parents, prepare your child to face it. All over the world, teenagers who are having sex freely are likely to get the HPV virus, which is incurable. Unfortunately people don't talk about it. This virus is 10 times faster than HIV virus. There are a hundred different strains of this HPV (Human Pupiloma Virus) virus. Be aware, having one act of sex you get 5 STD's diseases (Sexually Transmitted Diseases).
A sexually active woman can expect to have (80%) from this virus, and a sexually active man can expect to have (70%) from this virus.
Sometimes parents encourage their children to go ahead and have sex using a condom, they don't advise them to wait. Oh! Sorry, don't be deceived, be alert and help them understand that a condom is a zero; it doesn't protect them from the viruses.

For a girl, a loving close-relationship with her daddy is very essential and is better than peer pressure and the Internet. For a boy, both the mother and the father should teach that True Love waits. Sex that starts with your wife endures beautifully. We have memory hormones so don't do something now that will affect in your marriage badly. Your memory has an effect on your sex life in the future. Your sex-relationship experience sticks on your brain like a paper-clip. It remains with you throughout your life. And a sexually immoral person sins against his body.
Teenagers need to listen to their parents, because parents see things that teenagers don't see.
A high level of parent-family bond is powerful enough to avoid sexual involvement.
Forcing rules without a positive parent -teenager or child relationship leads to rebellion, which is not a desired outcome because it leads to other negative behaviors and outcome.
Children learn compassion, forgiveness and repentance from their parents. Parents should teach that sex does not just happen, you choose to have sex.
We should nourish and cherish our brains which are God-given to us.
Dr. Dowell defined love in 2 words which are to provide and to protect.
You love, the way you love yourself (2 Timothy 3). So, loving one's self is important for the future, pure love of your partner (Eph. 5.29).
To love oneself means to nourish and to cherish. To nourish you have to grow as Jesus grew and matured in 4 areas: (mentally, physically, spiritually and relationally). To cherish means to protect and to care for. You nourish first and then you cherish and protect yourself from books, drinks, TV programs, videos, and the Internet.
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1. Find a good friend with the same commitment about sex.
2. Write down your commitment to abstain from sex
3. Practice assertiveness.
4. make sure your friends know your values
5. Don't get involved with someone who doesn't share your values (1 Cor.15.33)
6. Plan your dates to avoid difficult situations.
7. Avoid alcohol and drugs (you will lose the ability to say no)
8. Introduce your date to your parents
9. Find a friend that will reinforce good decisions.

Bible verses:
Song of Solomon
Proverbs 2, 3, 8
1 John 2. 1
Hebrew 10. 10-14
Psalm 51: 1-4
Psalm 103.12
1 Thessalonians 4.1-3
Hebrew 13.4
Proverbs 5.18,19
Jeremiah 29.11
Romans 13.8
Deuteronomy 10
1 Corinthians 13

Anita Jamgotchian-Andonian

Photos by Nayiri Tersakian

In the photos, the Sunday School teachers of the Nor Marash Evangelical Church (Aline, Christine, Nayiri, Anita, Barouyr), also present are Badveli Datev Basmajian and Yeritsouhi Garine Cholakian.