Our Article "Հայերէն Գրենք Հայկական Տառեր Օգտագործելով‏" Gets Republished in website of Collège Disctionnaires Machtotz France (CDMF)

Our article Հայերէն Գրենք Հայկական Տառեր Օգտագործելով continues to be widely spread and gets mentioned in the website of Collège Disctionnaires Machtotz France (http://acam-france.org/cdmf/), which aims to promote a multilingual Europe in preserving the cultures and languages of minorities, the Armenian language, including Western. It has bilingual electronic dictionaries, Armenian and other languages as well.

Our article was first published in Chanitz blog, then in Aztag Armenian newspaper, then in RAG Mamoul, then in Azad-Hye Magazine, then in Keghart.com, then in Seta's Armenian blog. It is still distributed worldwide through email forwards.

You can find this article at the following link: http://www.chanitz.org/2009/05/blog-post_16.html