Armenian Evangelical Emmanuel Church's Appreciation Dinner

Saturday, 20 March, 2010 - The Deacons Board organized an Appreciation Dinner, inviting all those who serve in various committees. The dinner was held in the Kindergarten hall of the Armenian Evangelical P&E Torosian School.
The following committees were present: Deacons Board, Trustees Board, Sunday School teachers, Junior Youth Group leaders, Chanitz Board, Ladies Board, Couples Committee, Church Band, Chanitz Blog Committee, and volunteers (around 40 in number).
The pastor shared a devotional, having the theme "When We Serve Christ", appreciated, thanked, and prayed for them.
After the dinner, the committee and board members exchanged and shared their programs, plans and prayer requests.

Hovig, sharing about Chanitz youth group

Serop, sharing about the Chanitz youth group

Jimmy, sharing about the Badaniatz junior youth group

Nara, sharing about the Sunday School

Rosdom, sharing about the Couples Ministry

Garoudj Aroyan, sharing about the Deacons Board

The Demirjians

Koko, Hagop, Ara

Pauline, Markrid, Aline

The ladies preparing the food in the kitchen

The Ovigians

Ani, Ani, Vera (pastor's wife), Nazani

The Bedigians

Mike and Hagop