Announcement: Youth Leaders training Seminar‏

Dear Friends in Ministry,
This is a reminder for those who still have not registered for this very important seminar which will take place on Nov. 27, 2010, from the Near East School of Theology.
The two main issues will be taken up under the theme of ADDICTIONS:

* Addiction to Smoking/Alcohol and Drugs and
* Addiction to Pornography.

These very dangerous addictions are poisoning the minds and hearts of our young people and making them fall into the trap of unhealthy living which is of course also effecting their spiritual life, where some are leaving the faith, while others are leading double lives, church/world.

We as leaders need not only be aware but also be prepared to deal with such cases, even before our young people fall into these traps. It is better to prepare them well to face these kinds of temptations which wreck havoc in their lives instead of trying to help them afterwards.
During the training there will be presentations about prevention and also about steps of how to deal with these kind of issues when our youth pass through such situations.

Last day for registration is November 25.
Have a wonderfully blessed day

Shake` Geotcherian
Instructor in Christian Education
Director of the Christian Education Resource Center
Near East School of Theology