Chanitz Blog's Meetings, Rev. Krikor AghabalOghlu, and Chanitzagans' Visit

Chanitz blog meeting with Rev. Dr, and Mrs. Tootikian, from USA, who were giving Kchag, Syria a visit. Rev. Tootikian gave his latest book "Half a Century Of Service" as a gift. Thank you Rev. Dr. Vahan.

Chanitz blog meeting with Rev. and Mrs. Melkonian, who were also giving Kchag, Syria a visit.

During an interesting conversation with the Tootikians and the Melkonians.

One of the sessions where the youth met with Rev. Krikor AghabalOghlu to discuss spiritual matters and ask about the presence of evil spirits, to which Rev. Krikor gave ample answers.

Rev. Krikor urged the youth to remain alert and steadfast in their faith and pray for God's protection, since the evil is very cunning in its schemes. He also shared personal experiences about his fight against the evil spirits in the name and power of Jesus Christ.

Chanitzagans who gave Kchag a visit and past friendship and memories were renewed.
(L to R): Mano Chilingirian, Tsolag Apelian, Sebouh Kahkejian,Yervant Bosnoian, Badveli Hrayr Cholakian, Koko Basmajian, Raffi Chilingirian, Elias Jabbour.