Journeying with our Chanitz Blog

We’re back! We’re back with more maturity, experience, and perseverance. We’re a year older now, which means we’ve written more, we’ve learned more, we’ve read more, we’ve erred more and we’ve achieved more.

This year was filled with joy and sorrow, with achievements and mishaps. Some disregarded us, many cherished us. I remember the lady from abroad, who was so encouraging, so kind, and she was so happy of our endeavors. I remember the emails that we received, emails supporting us to keep the blog alive, lively and young. Many were flabbergasted at the quality of the posts, articles, language used and interviews conducted. Then again, we also faced the storm, and we stood strong and steadfast, passing over obstacles and clearing misunderstandings and issues that needed to be clarified.

We stood and we stay the voice of the young men and women here in Lebanon, in the Middle East. We live our faith, we share our lives, we have our own opinion, and our own dynamic style. We shall debate controversial issues, expressing different point of views, keeping true to our principle of respect.
In our journey, we made friendships from all over the world, from Armenia, Iraq, Syria, Australia, Brazil, Belgium, France, Norway, Denmark, Germany, Portugal, Cyprus, Egypt, Canada and USA.

We thank each and every one of our sponsors and donors from across the oceans and from within our region, from far beyond and from near and close. It is because of our dear sponsors and donors that we were able to conduct our interviews. It is because of them that we were able to buy a very good digital audio recorder, and it served us best.

We are thankful to God for sending us people who knew our need and we are very grateful for them.

Our sponsors for 2009 were: Haigazian University, Armenian Evangelical P. & E. Torosian School, Armenian Evangelical Christian Endeavor Union, Howard Karageuzian Foundation, Bible Bookshop, Soulahian Super Store, Peter's Brass, Kardashian Printing Services, High Bar.

We also received a donation, wrapped with a prayer and a blessing, from Canada.

Please pray for us to be able to keep this service up for our local community and for our international community.

In case you are interested about the past posts and articles:

Editor in Chief,
Raffi Chilingirian