Mothers’ Day at Gertmenian

The traditional Mothers’ Day celebration of our school took place on Friday, March 27, 2009 at White Tower Hotel’s Ararad Palace hall. Mrs. Maral Mekhsian the chairwoman, of the women’s auxiliary, welcomed the guest speaker Mrs. Vera Sevadjian, who is the wife of Rev. Hovhannes Sevadjian, the pastor of the Arm. Evang. Emmanuel Church. Mrs. Vera gave wise words of counsel for educating children. She affirmed the importance of teaching children starting from a young age by quoting from the Holy Scriptures in Proverbs 22:6. She further explained that both parents have to agree on the same method of educating and training their children, they have to live as an example to their children rather than simply give them advice and they have to keep their promise to build a relationship of trust. Mrs. Vera concluded her address by urging all those presents to encourage their children to pursue their education.

Following the keynote speaker’s address, and in keeping up with the tradition of the school, the principal, Mr. Sahag Dedeyan, on behalf of Gertmenian School, presented The Mother of the Year award to Mrs. Ellen Sagherian with a gold medal for the many years of dedicated service to the school.

Then Mr. Dedeyan said that he had a surprise. He said that this academic year was the 40th in his service to the Arm. Evang. Gertmenian School. It is also the 40th anniversary of his acquaintance with his wife Mrs. Armine. So he asked Mrs. Armine to come forward and receive a gold medal for her perseverance all these years.

Afterwards, the 5-th and the 6-th grade students presented a song and a poem dedicated to mothers. Then the 6-th grade students performed a beautiful Armenian National dance.

Finally, Ararad Aharonian, the famous Armenian singer, took the stage and entertained the mothers with famous Armenian national songs.