Donald Leon Babikian Running for the Evangelical Seat in Beirut

Candidate for Parliamentary Elections المرشح للانتخابات النيابية

DONALD LEON BABIKIAN دونالد ليون بابيكيان

Evangeliscal Seat in Beirut three (3) المقعد الإنجيلي دائرة بيروت الثالثة

Donald Leon Babikian was born in Beirut , in 1966. The son of Prof. Dr. Leon G. Babikian and Hermine Karakashian.

After graduating from Armenian Evangelical College in 1984 he continued his education at BUC and AUB. He received his B.S. degree in nutrition and dietetics, and is a licensed dietician. He has been working for AUBMC since 2001 as dietary quality coordinator.

Donald has been an active member of the Armenian community. He has been Vice President of Youth Organization of First Presbyterian Church in Fresno , California (1991 – 1993). He has also been Member of Trustees at First Armenian Evangelical Church (2002 – 2005); And He is an active council of AUB Alumni Association (WAAAUB).

Donald is married to Victoria Bardakjian and has two children, Crystal and Levon.

دونالد ليون بابيكيان، ولد في بيروت سنة 1966. وهو ابن البروفيسور دكتور ليون

غرابيت بابيكيان والسّيدة هرمينه كاراكاشيان

بعد تخرّجه من المدرسة الأرمنية الانجيلية العالية سنة 1984، تابع دراسته الجامعية في كلية بيروت الجامعية والجامعة الاميركية في بيروت. حصل على بكالوريوس في التغذية وعلم الغذاء، وهو يعمل في المركز الطبي في الجامعة الامركية في بيروت كمنسق للنظام الغذائي.

وهو عضو ناشط في الطّائفة الأرمنية. وكان نائب رئيس المنظمة الشبابية للكنيسة الانجيلية الأولى في فريزنو – كاليفورنيا العام 1991 – 1993، وعضو أمين للكنيسة الانجيلية الأولى في بيروت العام 2002 – 2005. وهو أيضاً عضو ناشط في جمعية خريجي الجامعة الأميركية في بيروت.

دونالد متزوج من السّيدة فيكتوريا بردقجيان وله ولدان هما كريستل وليفون.

Some of my Goals to be achieved if elected for Evangelist seat in the Lebanese Parliament:
  1. Make sure that government employees treat Citizens with respect and professional manner.
  2. Decreasing the number of dropout students by making education more affordable more interesting and updated to the latest technology.
  3. Establish organizations to teach citizens to protect and preserve the environment, and enforce recycling.
  4. Control on all Hotel and Restaurant establishments, enforcing food safety and hygiene.
  5. Reasonable increase in salaries to decrease poverty and establish a middle class population.
  6. The law of discrimination by religion, race and sex fully enforced by the government and those who break this law must be punished to the maximum.
  7. Decrease the number of foreign employees to provide jobs for Lebanese citizens.
  8. Give women equal rights and make domestic violence a crime.
  9. Create day centers for the elderly so they can enjoy the remaining of their lives comfortably and peacefully.
  10. Handicaps must be treated as regular citizen, with financial government support.
  11. Parliament Members should be allowed to serve only two terms and must retire at age 65.
  12. Members of Parliament must perform their duties fully and should be available for public service at all times.