Rev. Krikor Aghabaloghlu: "The comfort brings heaviness upon the man. It brings sleep."

USA Armenian Life: Courageous Reverend of the Armenians, during your sermons, you empower and encourage Christianity, courageous Christianity, active Christianity to which the Armenian people have been attached. What message would you like to relay to the Armenian Americans and, for that matter, to the entire Diaspora Armenians?

Rev. Krikor Aghabaloghlu: Brother, now, in a foreign country, the people are comfortable. The comfort brings heaviness upon the man. It brings sleep. Now we are over there, in a Muslim country. There is always a watcher. They keep you awake.

And you exert effort to stay awake. Here, (in the Diaspora) there is no problem. They come here and they go to sleep. They indulge in European traditions. They submerge into the lifestyle and they get lost!

I do not want the Armenian people to be assimilated in Europe. I do not want to go into oblivion. They should flourish even more. They should be awakened even more. Here, everything is in your hands. You should grab it and use it so that you can introduce and promote the Armenian nation among other nations. This is necessary. That is why I come, and speak courageously with God's grace. I want to encourage people, to awaken them, and to promote unity. That is the most difficult thing, because for many years, there hasn't been a strong organization that could bring us closer, you know.

There is only the Genocide issue. But besides that, we need to know more that we're Armenians.

USA Armenian Life: Meaning that we need to be guided by national awareness.

Rev. Krikor Aghabaloghlu: Aha! Yes! A leader is needed. A strong leader is needed. A Governor is needed. Oh! There is no government. Now, Armenia’s is something new at 16 years of age. Before that, we've been living under other countries’ rules. We should tell them that we would like to become a nation. Yes! Let's earn it!

Now look! The people of Turkey are intelligent. They go to Europe, send money to Turkey. They learn everything and they start working in Turkey. We also must acquire, earn and make Armenia stronger. There is a lone Armenia and there is a lone flag. There is nothing else.

On the other hand, the other objective is to strengthen Christianity, because, our Armenian people are chosen from among other people. We're the first nation that embraced Christ. We feel proud. But if you ask "who's Christ?" the Armenian child does not know. The Armenian family does not know. It's painful for me. How could it be that in a free country, the churches are empty? How could it be that all he churches are empty? You cannot be an Armenian only on April 24 or during a holiday. Our Armenian people have been sacrificed for just being Armenian, for just being Christian. Yet, they have preserved Christianity. They have not said: "Yes, when give up Christ I will win." They haven't! Had they said it, they would have been cursed.

From USA Armenian Life Magazine, an interview by Appo Jabarian