They are called to reach their generation for Christ

As I heard the stories and tried to add value in the area of leadership development I was reminded of this leadership principle: The next great idea to reach people with the Gospel will not come from my generation or the current generation. Oh I can, and so can you, remember way too many meetings and conversations on “that will not work.” My generation introduced the guitar and drums to the platform in the church. Remember those conversations? As I listened to the dreams and ideas of the next generation, I was reminded they are called to reach their generation for Christ. Not my generation or the next generation. So what is the privilege of my or the current generation?

We are to encourage them to try “it.” Whatever “it” means, let them try it in a safe environment that will encourage them whether it is a success or not. They will fail more times than you or I like, but that is how they will learn what will work in the end to reach their generation.

Second, we are to fund their mistakes and that which does work, and fund it well. YES, even in this economy, fund the next generation. Who knows what your support of this generation will accomplish. I do know that the next generation has great ideas and God will use them to reach their generation. By the way, this will give the next generation the example that they can pass on to the next generation. Be a Moses. Pass it on!

Tom Atema