www.Chanitz.org replaces www.Chanitz.com

An Unfortunate situation turns into an Opportunity. This is how I would describe the problem that we faced when our domain name (chanitz.com) was taken away by Godaddy.com (domain reseller) on January 5, 2009 and sold to another Russian owner, without our prior consent and/or our ability to renew.
The name chanitz.com now links to another website. In spite of this difficulty, we quickly turned this alarming situation into an opportunity to buy chanitz.org and have it as our new domain name.

We would like to ask you to update your links in your Favorites to chanitz.org. Also, this would mean that chanitz.org will need some time to appear on the search engines of Google and Yahoo.

We appreciate all those who contacted us personally and reported their concern, which reflected their appreciation for the hard work achieved and their belief in the mission that the Armenian Evangelical Chanitz blog serves within the Armenian Community in general and the Armenian Evangelical Community in specific.

Raffi Chilingirian, Administrator