General Knowledge Contest Among Chanitz Associations

On Firday, 28 November, at 8:30 pm, the Armenian Evangelical Emmanuel Chanitz organized a General Knowledge Contest, held in Emmanuel Church. Representatives from the Armenian Evangelical Marash, Anjar, Ashrafieh and First churches particpated in the contest. Mr. Hagop Gojigian, a member of the Emmanuel Chanitz board, hosted the event. Rev. Hovanness Svajian and Mr. Mano Chilingirian served as jury members, who had also prepared the Religion and Sports questions. Ms. Vartoug Balekjian had also prepared the Armenian questions.

The competition was very close, first between the Marash Chanitz and the Ashrafieh Chanitz, then between First Church Chanitz and Ashrafieh Chanitz. In the end, the Ashrafieh Chanitz team took the lead and came out as the winners of the General Knowledge Contest. Bravissimo! Congrats.!

Left pic: Mr. Hagop Gojigian hosting the contest
Right pic: Rev. Hovanness Svajian and Mr. Mano Chilingirian as the jury members

Left pic: Mr. Ara Torkomian playing the Chanitz anthem
Right pic: First Church representatives

Left pic: Ashrafieh Church representatives
Right pic: Emmanuel Church representatives

Left pic: Marash Church representatives
Right pic: Anjar Church representatives

Prizes distributed to the winning team, by Ms. Shaké Geocherian