Christmas Event All Chanitz Associations

On Saturday, 27 December, and with the initiative of the Armenian Evangelical Emmanuel Chanitz, the joint Christmas Event took place in Marash Church, in the Hassessian Hall, with the participation of the Armenian Evangelical Marash Chanitz, and the Armenian Evangelical Ashrafieh Chanitz. Around 40 youth were present.
Mr. Hagop Gojigian was the host of the event. Mr. Vatche Khederian and Mrs. Loucin Akbasharian led the worship. After the worship, our guest speaker, Mrs. Vera Svajian shared with us the Christmas message titled "Mary's Disappointment".
It was time for games and dinner. Ms. Markrid Markarian, Ms. Nanor Kelenjian, Mr. Harout Attarian, Mr. Hagop Akbasharian and Mr. Koko Aynilian led the games. At the end of the event, Mr. and Mrs. Clause gave the Chanitzagans a visit and distributed Christmas verses to each participant.