Christmas at NEST Theological School

On Monday, 22 December, a small group from the Armiss choir participated in the Christmas gathering of the Near East School of Theology.
The choir presented two Christmas songs and later on they joined all for a Christmas sing-song in the Student Lounge, which was completely decorated as Jesus' birthplace. Afterwards, the principal of the school, Ms. Mary Michael invited everyone, as the big family of NEST, to a dinner.

(left pic): Rev. Megerdich Karagoezian standing on the left

(left pic): Rev. Sahyouni in front

Ara Khederian, Rita Daderian, Taline Elmajian, Dr. Raffi Elmajian, Sero Kelougian, Hagop Kelougian, Luder Artinian, Silva Chilingirian, Raffi Akbasharian, Shant Aynilian, Raffi Chilingirian