Emails and Messages

Lola Koundakjian (New York): While commenting on the Armenian Unicode section: "These are some of the best step by step descriptions on how to add/write Armenian in Unicode. Well done!"

Arpi Shnorhokian, Sarian (USA): "I thank God for the Tchanitsagans continuing this beautiful God Glorifying endeavor. I was an active tchanitsagan for many years until I moved from Beirut. I am still in heart one until I move to Heaven. Thank you for sending this blog to me. You enriched my life and fill me with Joy. May God Bless you and your work.
A tchanitsagan strengthened by prayer, Arpi Shnorhokian, Sarian"

Rev. Vartkes Kassouni (Orange, California): "Thank you for providing the Armenian Evangelical community worldwide with a very informative and creative communication link. I become very oprimistic about our youth when I read and see your work. It is a refreshing change from the "same old, same old" stuff we get from our other publication outlets."

Rosangela Jarjour (Cyprus): "Every time I connect with your website, I am more amazed and encouraged that the church is alive! God bless you and your valuable ministry. Keep on!!"

Salpy Degirmendjian (Lebanon): "God bless you and strenghten you in your fight."

Silva Seropian (France): "Thank you very much for sending me news about your church."

Nanor Mikayelian (USA): "nice articles , good job."