Kids Camp 2008, in Anjar

The kids Camp has always left a great impression, both on the children and the leaders (counselors). In order to leave the same impression, the leaders prepared for the Camp that was held in 11-16 August, 2008, in Anjar.

The happiness of the kids inspired us and in their happy faces we saw and enjoyed God's love and care.

87 children participated in this camp, and they enjoyed the love and care of 12 leaders. They enjoyed God's nature, a happy environment and spiritual education.
On the first day, we told the children the purpose of the Camp, which were, connecting with God, learning to love Jesus, who is our light and friend, and who pardons our sin and to choose to live with Jesus in order to have a happy life.

The main theme of our camp was "Knowing God's Temple". The guest speaker was Mrs. Silva Sarkissian. In 5 different sessions, she explained and taught the 1 Cor. 11 verse. She taught them about their use of their tongue, eyes, ears, feet and hands carefully. And how to keep their bodies clean, because Jesus lives in our hearts, and that our bodies are His temple.
The kids learnt to keep their bodies clean for Jesus and to be different in their language, behavior, wearing, the places they go, work, and to be a good example to others.

The kids had quiet time, and they learnt to spend time with God, through prayer and Bible reading, before the start of the day. During the worship time, they learnt new songs and they also learnt Psalm 15, to remember to live as good children of God.

After the morning break we had a special session, called "New", during which guests from Anjar presented different general knowledge subjects in 7 minutes.
a- Taking care of our bodies, externally and internally, by Mrs. Sossy Aiteblian.
b- How to help our minds to grow, by Mr. Sebouh Boyajian.
c- Why to keep the Armenian language and music alive, by Mrs. Nectar Palazian.
d- Why attend church on Sundays, by Paster Elias Jabbour.

The kids enjoyed the camp during the six days. They listened, played, drew, painted, crafted, learnt dancing, played games, visited places, and enjoyed each other.

It is our prayer that the children will have God's love and happiness in their lives and would distribute to others as well.

First, I thank God, and thank all those who prayed for this Camp, and thank the leaders: Anita, Silva, Armig, Aline, Lori, Palig, Ardemis, Ara, Jano, Jiro, Hagop, and Shant, who took care of the sick. It was also because of the leadership that we had a blessed Camp.

Mrs. Anita Andonia

Translated by Raffi Chilingirian

Front: Ara Torkomian
Middle from left: Jiro Ghazarian, Hagop Akbasharian, Aline Khederian
Back from left: Silva Chilingirian, Armig Kazezian, Shant Aynilian, Jano Baghboudarian, Anita Andonian, Palig Kilaghbian, Lori