But, why would that stop you from coming to me?

From the movie, Prince of Caspian, the Return of the Lion.

While Lucy, with her sister and brothers, is trying to find a safe path, sees Aslan standing silently. She's the only one who sees him...

Lucy: "I knew it was you, I knew it! But, but, the others didn't believe me :("
Aslan: "But, why would that stop you from coming to me?..."

This is a huge message...

Do you remember the time when Jesus returns to His disciples and they don't recognize Him?
Lucy, who was very close to Aslan the Lion, and had a special relationship with him and knew him very well, doubted his presence.
It was a lesson Lucy had to learn about faith and doubting, about courage and timidity.

Sometimes, we too, when we are weak, we doubt the God who made miracles in our lives. We doubt His presence and we think that because He is silent, He is not there anymore, that He doesn't even care.

But, keep your faith and remember His special work He did for you when you were in trouble. That same God will aid you, but not the way you always expect.


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